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Wedding Rings Cherishing Individual Preferences and Togetherness

"We want to create new wedding rings but we aren't sure about our preferences or specific desires."


They told me when they came to ith for the first time.


However, through trying on many rings, each of they discovered their preferences and specific desires, finding rings that suited one another perfectly.





Identifying Individual Preferences

The man chose "Allegro."



He preferred the ring, which is characterized by its simple, straight shape with edgy lines placed diagonally, creating a distinct stylish impression.


Another deciding factor was the ring's reversible design, which allows it to look good from any angle, complemented by the woman's compliment that it suited him well.




The woman opted for "Forte."



Its simple curved shape fits her finger perfectly, enhancing the beauty of her hand.


The edgy, extended, and stylish design matched her partner’s choice, enhancing the sense of unity between them.

Expressing Unity Through Rings

Through much deliberation, discussion, and conversation, the couple developed a strong preference for having matching rings.



While preserving the unique features of each ring, they both expressed a desire to symbolize their commitment to look in the same direction and walk together.

This thought, and their deliberation on how to express it through the rings, has left a lasting impression.


After discussios with the couple, we applied a mirror finish and a matte finish, maintaining the "ascending right" form that is a common element in their rings.


The wedding rings were crafted to ensure that both of them can continue walking in the same direction forever, a perfect match in design.


I vividly remember how delighted they both were when they settled on this design.

Walking Together, Always


The rings they chose with much thought are worn daily, and hearing this filled me with joy.


May these special rings continue to mark many more cherished moments together.


I sincerely wish for their everlasting happiness.


Conciege: Moriyama

Nagoya Sakae Atelier

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Wedding Rings Cherishing Individual Preferences and Togetherness