2023.02.25 Shinjuku

A Unique and Adorable Engagement Ring that Binds the Two of You

The man was able to convey his feelings through a proposal ring because his partner had clear preferences and a strong sense of what she liked in a ring.


After a successful proposal, the couple came together for a consultation on their engagement ring.

Designs Lovingly Detailed in Every Aspect

"The clothes I often wear are quite flashy, so I want a ring that won't be overshadowed by them," the woman shared.


After trying on numerous samples, she found the design that perfectly matched her vision.




Her favorite was the "Ruban" design, an engagement ring shaped like a three-dimensional ribbon.


She loved the intricate milgrain decoration and the cuteness of the ribbon detailed throughout the design.



A Heart-Shaped Diamond

The woman, who has a fondness for cute things, expressed her wish to have a heart-shaped diamond in the center of the ring.


We expanded our imagination by drawing illustrations and wondering what it would look like, didn't we?



The search for the perfect diamond that matched their requirements was the starting point of their ring-making journey.

"I love the elongated heart shape; it's so cute!"  She found a diamond that fits her taste.


The charm of "Ruban" is highlighted even more in this unique and adorable ring.

An Engagement Ring That Unites the Two of You


I remember feeling so happy when I saw the brightest smiles at the moment you both saw the finished rings.


It became the perfect engagement ring that matched your vision exactly.



I am deeply honored to have been able to assist in creating your special engagement rings as a concierge.


May this lovingly crafted ring strengthen their bond further.


Wishing the couple everlasting happiness from our atelier!


Concierge: Maedo

Shinjuku Atelier


A Unique and Adorable Engagement Ring that Binds the Two of You