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From Ring Complexity to Playful Simplicity: Their Unconventional Ring Quest

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is a challenging task

The couple wanted their wedding bands to be timeless symbols of their love and reflect their personalities.

After looking at many intricate ring designs, they finally shortlisted two designs they liked:

"Piuma" & "Deserto" for a delicate texture, and "Tremolo", with an elegant shape.


It was a struggle to choose between the shortlisted rings, because they wanted all those elements.

Until we landed on our Bullion Sample during the consultation

With newfound excitement, they decided to let go of all their previous choices 

While examining our sample bullion rings, he noticed that the distinct cut line separating the two textures was the distinguishing factor in their shortlisted ring designs. 


For her, sandblasting.
For him, a mirrored finish.

They were excited about the prospect of wearing rings that looked like a classic Timeless wedding bands "Andante" but secretly held a playful twist. 


The eagered couple added a personal touch to their rings by selecting the appropriate width and bullion color for their fingers.

For her more slender finger, they chose a slim 2.0mm band in K18 Yellow Gold, complementing her skin tone beautifully.

For him, they opted for a slightly wider 2.5mm band in K18 White Gold, ensuring it wasn't too contrasting on his finger for comfortable daily wear.

Their journey had taken them from complexity to simplicity, and in doing so, they discovered that sometimes, the most meaningful choices come from the heart. 


As they eagerly awaited the completion of their custom wedding rings, they knew that these simple yet cheeky designs would be a constant reminder of their love and the adventure they shared in crafting their perfect rings.


ith Concierge: Chai 


From Ring Complexity to Playful Simplicity: Their Unconventional Ring Quest