2024.01.24 Singapore

A Kaleidoscope of Love

From a Chance Encounter to One-of-A-Kind Wedding Bands

It all began with a simple stroll past our atelier,

a peek through the glass door,

and a decision to explore the possibilities within.


Captivated by the charm within the atelier,

she had decided to bring along her partner to embark on an exploration journey to create their

one-of-a-kind wedding bands together.



The Beauty of Nature




She has a fondness for nature.

The ring designs incorporating elements of nature caught her attention during the fitting session.


The intricate carvings and organic feel of the "Foresta" texture stood out to her almost immediately,

an authentic representation of the forest, exuding warmth and earthy tones.


Meanwhile, the S-curve shape of "Vivace" reminds her of waves.


This is Foresta in rose gold made with the shape of Vivace,

along with her favourite vibrant hopping style setting of stones of "Piacere" with a playful impression. 


There are eight stones in three different sizes on the default stone setting of Piacere


Adding a touch of personal flair, she opted for a burst of colour—a kaleidoscope of eight different gemstones in varying sizes and colours, each carefully selected to represent her favourite hues.



Sculpted by the Forest, Shaped by the Sea, Sparkled by Gemstones




Gemstones from Left to Right: 
Royal Blue Moonstone, Peridot, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite.

Her birthstone Peridot and his birthstone Pink Tourmaline were two of the eight gemstones in the collection.





He fell in love with the multiple possibilities of customisations on "Gemelli",

a two-in-one ring that fits together perfectly like a puzzle piece.


His eyes lit up as he was carefully designing each of the bands to best represent him and her. 



Snow x Forest

In his quest for a special texture that resonated with him,

he chose Neve, inspired by the delicate beauty of snow.


Neve is the meaning of snow in Italian. 


Choosing white gold for this band,

the meticulously crafted lines on the Neve texture mirrored the trails left behind after snowboarding.





For the second band, he opted for Her—Foresta texture in rose gold,

a symbol of their shared journey.


Enhancing the personal touch to complement her ring, three gemstones adorned the front:

Peridot, representing her birthstone, alongside his favorites, Diamond and Blue Sapphire.




Gemstones from Left to Right:
Peridot, Diamond, Blue Sapphire.



The creation of these unique wedding bands was a joyful journey,

resulting in rings that perfectly matched the couple's vision. 


Each detail reflects their love story, making these rings truly special.




ith Singapore: Claire


A Kaleidoscope of Love