2024.01.19 Singapore

Adding subtle details to wedding rings

ith's wedding rings come in a variety of designs - lovely diamond settings, textured hammer finish and curves that fit the shape of the hand.


Each ring has its own personality and unique charm.





The one we would like to introduce this time is the "Nocturne".


At first glance, the design looks simple. However, the inside is not platinum but gold, creating a two-tone effect.





Named after the musical term for nocturne, which expresses the emotion of quietly thinking of the partner as the inner gold part is invisible to others once worn on the finger.


It is a subtle and unique design with details that only the two of you would know when you wear it.




There are other two-tone rings available at ith.

Moreover, by adding modifications, you can create a ring that reflects your unique preferences.





Whether you have a clear image in mind or are still undecided, please come visit the atelier.


We look forward to hearing your stories, then we can bring to life the ring that both of you envision.



Concierge: Miyamoto




Adding subtle details to wedding rings