2023.12.23 Singapore

Mobius Uno and Kawaguchi-ko: A Fateful Parallel

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Kawaguchi-ko during the cherry blossom season,

Möbius became the emblem of an unforgettable proposal.


Amidst the delicate pink blossoms, he proposed to her,

symbolizing their unending bond and eternal love.

Lake Kawaguchi  河口湖 ( Kawaguchi-ko )

The name 河口湖, Kawaguchi-ko, dances with poetic significance.


"河口" (Kawa-guchi) conjures the image of rivers converging,

symbolizing the merging of two souls,

while "湖" (ko) whispers of a serene lake—reflective, deep, and infinite

like the boundless love shared by the couple.


Together, Kawaguchi-ko embodies the union of their hearts,

a confluence of emotions flowing into a tranquil reservoir of everlasting devotion.


A place of deep significance to the both of them,

the lady wanted to create a ring that could hold the physical embodiment of the place,

evoking the cherished memories everytime they see the ring.


"I would like to incorporate some of the pebbles from the beach we got engaged at."

A Special Request: An Unforgettable Journey

Encapsulating pebbles into a ring was the first for ith;

a special project began!


The lady was sincere with her wishes,

and we were determined to make it come true.


We coordinated with her engagement photographer to retrieve the pebbles

from the exact proposal location at Lake Kawaguchi.


The pebbles were shipped and the artisans determined the ring creation method

after careful consideration; comfort and structural integrity were paramount.


The ring design chosen was "Mobius Uno",

and a little circular pocket to contain the pebble was decided.

The Fateful Parallel

The lady chose "Mobius Uno" because her partner studies physics.

As fate has it, the choice unfolded a deep, hidden layer.


In the graceful contours of Mobius Uno

lies the inspiration drawn from the Möbius strip—a timeless loop, singular in its side and edge.


This endless form, much like the Möbius strip,

encapsulates the essence of eternity and unity.

It’s a union where two sides and two edges harmoniously meld into one,

signifying the fusion of duality into singular, unbreakable unity.


Resonating with the serenity of Lake Kawaguchi's mirrored image on a tranquil day,

the translation of 河口湖, Kawaguchi-ko, unveils its significance as 'Estuary Lake.'

Here, the beauty lies in the convergence, where two distinct bodies of water gracefully meet;

a metaphor mirroring the unity echoed within Mobius Uno.


Unintentionally chosen, a fateful parallel.

Like Ripples Seeking the Still Lake

Like ripples seeking the still lake,

a compass to true north,

irresistibly pulled like tides to the moon,


their lives unmistakably converged;

it is a story written in the stars.



Thank you for entrusting ith to create such a special ring for you! It has been my pleasure to listen to your story and be part of this journey with you. I hope you make many more wonderful memories with this ring!



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Mobius Uno and Kawaguchi-ko: A Fateful Parallel