2024.04.06 Singapore

The Constellations Guiding Us

The couple's journey towards choosing the perfect rings

to symbolize their commitment was akin to navigating the stars,

guided by the twinkling lights of their love story.

Polaris - The Guiding Star

She found herself drawn to the timeless elegance of the classic Solitaire.


Solitaire designs are rings that hold a single stone in the center;

it has the meaning of 'one and only'.



The single diamond shining brightly,

it reminds one of the brightest star in the

Ursa Minor constellation; Polaris.


The dazzling brilliance of Polaris

— the steadfast star that had guided travelers for centuries.


The shining guiding star on her engagement ring

carries the significance of their love for each other:

always there, always guiding them home.


Piacere - The Joyful Stars

The wedding band design Piacere,

which means 'pleasure' in Italian,

is designed with diamonds set in a manner that express

the joy of the heart to be in love.


They both sought out a design that was timeless.


The male design for Piacere features a comfortable round profile,

suitable to be worn daily with ease.


The lady's design features diamonds set in a playful manner.

Every ring has an extra touch of uniqueness as the setting of the stones

will be done Omakase お任せ style; it will be left to the artisans!



"This design reminds me of constellations," said the lady.


Each diamond seemed to sparkle with the promise of countless shared moments,

creating a luminous trail that mirrored their journey together.

Guiding Us - From Here On

The rings, crafted with their wishes in mind,

were delivered in time before they received the keys to their home.


As they embarked upon the next chapter of their journey together,

the rings served as tangible reminders of the bond they share

— a bond as enduring and unbreakable as the stars themselves.



I wish the couple a lifetime of happiness, may their love continue to shine brightly ✨



Singapore Atelier: Keem


The Constellations Guiding Us