2024.05.03 Singapore

Chasing the Perfect Proposal Ring

 A Romantic Adventure Unfolds

In a cozy jewelry atelier nestled back ally in the heart of the city, a man entered alone, his heart brimming with anticipation. He had been diligently preparing for this moment for what felt like an eternity. With a sense of seriousness, he approached our concierge, conveying his earnest desire to find the quintessential engagement ring.

His commitment to this task was clear from the outset. Armed with a PowerPoint presentation and a meticulously crafted Google form, he was prepared to delve into every aspect of his beloved's preferences. Prior to his visit, he had even sought the blessing of her parents, a gesture of respect and devotion.

As he shared images of his sweetheart's preferred rings, it was evident that he was not merely seeking a piece of jewelry but rather a symbol of their profound connection. Despite the constraints of time, he remained focused on his pursuit of perfection, carefully considering every aspect of the ring, from the type of diamond to the intricate details of the band.

In the end, he opted for a touch of sentimentality, choosing to engrave the ring with significant dates using space in between them as a timeline. Each mark represents a milestone in their relationship, from the dates he started pursuing her to the two dates she rejected him, and finally, the date they got together. With each inscription, he sought to immortalize their journey, a testament to the depth of their love and commitment.

As he left the boutique, a sense of anticipation mingled with a profound sense of fulfillment. Armed with the perfect ring, he embarked on the next chapter of their lives together, ready to profess his enduring love and devotion. And as he knelt before her, ring in hand, he knew that their love story was just beginning.

Singapore Atelier: Chai

Customer's Voice

In the whirlwind of planning for my proposal, finding the perfect ring felt like a huge and daunting task. I stumbled upon ith while browsing social media and decided to pop by for a visit.

The moment I stepped into their showroom, I knew it wasn't just another jewellery store. Chai, my concierge, was patient in answering my endless questions and guided me into crafting a story that represented the ring. He was also exceptional in handling my last minute requests and ideas.

The ring itself arrived in a beautiful box and I was pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship of the ring. It was a masterpiece, crafted with care and love. It was a testament to the care and artistry poured into its creation.

Thank you Takahashi, Kyoko and Chai for going above and beyond in helping me to realise this dream for the ring. I enjoyed the creation journey of this ring, and I can't wait to give this beautiful ring to my better half really soon!


Chasing the Perfect Proposal Ring