2024.05.31 Singapore

NEW set rings will be available commemorating ith's 10th anniversary

ith Celebrates its 10th Anniversary and Announces New Rings that Embrace the Spirit of Gratitude and Craftsmanship

On Tuesday, June 4, 2024, we are going to celebrate 10 years since the opening of our first atelier.
Starting from a small atelier in Tokyo, ith has accumulated 10 years of making rings with an irreplaceable story to accompany the feelings of each customer.

  One Story. One Ring.

These words have been a our promise for the past 10 years.



Like a ray of light streaming in through a window, we craft rings that gently, strongly, and gracefully celebrate our customers and illuminate their lives.


After 10 years of stories woven with our customers, our representative Ayu Takahashi has designed three sets of rings, encompassing nine designs, that embody ith's brand philosophy. These new rings are available for order starting Saturday, June 1, 2024, in all of our ateliers in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan.

ith 10th Anniversary Fair Information

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are also offering a 10% discount on the purchase of wedding and engagement rings


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Three sets of rings to celebrate the couple's new journey

The motifs of the new 10th anniversary set rings are dogwood, camellia, and wisteria, all familiar flowers in Japan.

The organic curves and delicate forms of plants, which ith representative Ayu Takahashi is particular about, have been given form by a special forging process that is strong enough to be worn for many years.



It is also designed to stimulate each customer's imagination and make them want to add their own customisation. 

1: Hanamizuki 《Dogwood》

The dogwood is a plant with the flower meanings of "accept my thoughts" and "endurance." This set of rings is imbued with the wish that the loving couple will remain close throughout their lives. The design incorporates detailed craftsmanship to enhance the beauty of the fingers, and among the 10th-anniversary set rings, it is distinguished by its organic and graceful curves.

Design Details

▼ "Hanamizuki" engagement ring (top)

The delicate new buds, brimming with vitality, are represented by the warm yellow gold arm. This engagement ring features an intricate design made possible only by a special forging method.


▼ "Hanamizuki" wedding band (middle)

An eternity ring that gradually narrows towards the center in a V-shape. The width is meticulously adjusted in 0.1mm increments to emphasise the brilliance of each individual diamond. The gentle curve makes this wedding ring elongate the appearance of the finger.


▼ "Hanamizuki" wedding band (bottom)

This wedding ring features a subtle curve and a U-shaped form, adding a touch of design to its simplicity.

2: Hanatsubaki 《Camellia》

Now and in the future, this set of rings carries the wish for enduring happiness. Using high-quality materials and unique forging method, the design embodies the camellia's flower meaning of "modest brilliance," achieving a sense of elegance within a simple, refined form.


Design details

▼ "Hanatsubaki" engagement ring (top)

A sleek yellow gold arm paired with a 0.5-carat diamond creates an engagement ring that balances casual and charm with high quality. Its elegant design is suitable for any age and occasion, allowing it to be worn confidently at all times.


▼ “Hanatsubaki” wedding band (middle)
A wedding ring with a gentle U-curve. The central part, set with five diamonds, features a rounded shape reminiscent of camellia petals. To achieve the beautifully arched silhouette, it combines special forging and cutting techniques with the craftsmanship of skilled artisans.


▼ “Hanatsubaki” wedding band (bottom)
A wedding ring with a gentle curve. The raised top allows for customisation of the surface texture to suit the customer's preference, providing a distinct and detailed design. This design reflects ith's enduring philosophy from its early days of enjoying made-to-order rings with free and creative adjustments.

3: Fujihana《Wisteria》

The set of rings inspired by the wisteria, which carries the flower meaning of "together beyond time." The design captures the image of branches freely stretching towards the sky and clusters of flowers swaying in the wind through bold S-curves and diamond arrangements.

Among the 10th-anniversary set rings, this collection is particularly luxurious, combining two-tone metals, curves that enhance the beauty of the fingers, and a unique forging method—each requiring exceptional craftsmanship on its own.  


Design details

▼ “Fujihana” engagement ring (top)

An engagement ring featuring three diamonds arranged beautifully. The larger side melees and the delicate ring arm are designed to highlight the diamonds' strong and brilliant sparkle.


▼ “Fujihana” wedding band (middle)

A wedding ring meticulously crafted with an S-shape angle and smoothness that elongates the finger when worn. The design emphasises the seamless transition between the two-tone metals and the large, graceful curve.


▼ “Fujihana” wedding band (bottom)

The design features alternating metal colours between partners, allowing them to always feel close to each other. This wedding ring symbolises the wisteria's meaning of "together beyond time."

Simple and heartwarming, with beautiful curves and a comfortable fit on the finger

With her roots as a craftsman, ith founder, Ayu Takahashi, Developed these designs that would never fade and could be used in everyday life for many years, as well as a formative beauty that would stimulate the creativity of customers. Particular attention was paid to the silhouette of organic and smooth curves.

Strong and beautiful forged ring "KOHSAI TANZOU®︎"

The delicate and intricate designs were made possible by the advanced processing technology of KOHSAI TANZOU®, offered by KOHSAI Co., Ltd., a jewellery manufacturer in Yamanashi.


While forged rings are typically known for their straight forms and simple designs, the partnership with KOHSAI TANZOU® allowed Takahashi to bring the slender curves to life with the durability of forged technique.



The 10th-anniversary set rings were born from three key elements: a dedication to simple, comfortable forms, curves that enhance the beauty of the fingers, and the design diversity cultivated through creating rings for many customers; and the craftsmanship that aims for higher standards with a sincere approach to manufacturing. 

Message from ith Founder, Ayu Takahashi

These wedding and engagement rings are the culmination of years of dedication and craftsmanship. We hope that this 10th-anniversary set of rings will enrich and bring happiness to your daily life.


If you are looking for rings that are simple and inviting yet bring out a new side of yourself, please visit our atelier and try them on.



NEW set rings will be available commemorating ith's 10th anniversary