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A wedding ring that says, "We will always be together.

I'm curious about milgrain."


Even before she came to our atelier

She fell in love with Millegrain at first sight even before she came to our atelier.


She spoke of her thoughts on the ring, paying attention to the impression on her hand and her partner's preferences.

and her partner's preferences.

An original ring that has been loved for a long time.

The " milgrain " that the woman fell in love with at first sight,

The "maze process," or the texture of the finely shaved latticework, is as shiny and silky as silk,

It is an ith original texture with a silky sheen.


The "milgrain" is also called "milled grain,

The "milled grain" is a milling technique in which the top and bottom of the piece are milled in a circular pattern,

The "maze finish" texture is further enhanced,

This ring is full of ith's particular attention to detail.



At first glance, it may look simple, but it has a unique brilliance,

It is a design loved by various people.


Transparency as if light has reached your hand


The couple was also concerned about the impression on their hands.


The platinum finish makes the delicate sparkle stand out,

The delicate sparkle stands out and both your hand and the ring shine brightly,

The result is an elegant wedding band.



Thoughts on Engraving

ith rings allow you to specify the position of the engraving.


The ring is made to resemble a watch,

or to the time of your birth,

or to have each other's names facing each other.


The couple can choose to engrave their initials on the back of the hand, or on the back of the hand,

The back of the hand: "Mutual initials".

The palm of the hand: "ever after".

Each engraved so that they face each other.


The two of you hold each other's hands and wrap each other up with care.

We also put such a special thought in the engraving.



The couple was planning to take a trip around the time of delivery.

I hope you had a wonderful time on your first trip together with your rings.

I hope you had a wonderful time.


I hope that the happy time will continue with the ring for a long time to come.

May the happy time continue for many years to come.


Creator: Kinugasa


A wedding ring that says, "We will always be together.