2024.03.16 Singapore

A thousand grains of memories

"A Symbol of Eternal Love"


The couple shared an affectionate connection with the milgrain texture.

Every grain of beads are meticulously placed with a knurling tool by our artisan.

This technique imbued the ring with an antique charm,

of a bygone era.




Milgrain, derived from the French word meaning "a thousand grains,"

The tiny grain symoblise countless memories they will share along the way.

Memories, like these grains, were everlasting,

giving the term 'eternity' its profound significance.

She admired how the ring exuded both classic and vintage appeal,

while the delicate front diamonds added a subtle sparkle to her liking.

For him, simplicity was key,

but unity held great importance for the couple.

He discovered Pianissimo and was captivated by the concept of a single row of milgrain in the middle. 

This subtle feature gives a profound tactile quality to the ring,

symbolizing eternity and the journey that lay ahead.

Their choice of Champagne Gold,

a unique blend of yellow and rose gold,

felt exceptional and one-of-a-kind,

enhancing the overall elegance of Pianissimo.


The couple were overjoyed with their final decisions,

and I was delighted to assist them throughout the ring-making process.

It was a truly unforgettable experience.


In closing, I extend my heartfelt wishes to them for a joyous and enduring marriage!





Singapore Atelier: Alicia 




A thousand grains of memories