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The Gift of Daisy

Blooming cheerfully every Spring,

daisies are long believed to represent

new beginnings and hope.


With the gift of Daisy,

a new chapter of their lives unfurled.

The Proposal Story

He visited us again after some time.


After their trip overseas, he was determined to propose to her.

Upon their return, he met with her parents to ask for their blessings.


We also discussed details of his proposal,

how he planned to make it a surprise for her.


He was firm about the proposal to be

of profound meaning and significance.


The thoughtfulness really touched my heart.


We went through designs,

and thought about what would suit her.


He described her hands as petite,

a dainty design would be suitable, he felt.


All About Daisy

Daisies bloom in small clusters.

The cute appearance inspired our design, "Daisy".


The design features a gentle V-shape,

with the stones bundling together in the center

like a little bouquet of daisies.


The V-shape also creates an elongating effect,

which he thought would make her hand prettier when worn.


Something Blue

He wanted to make the ring more special and heartfelt.


We discussed possible arrangements,

ways to convey his feelings through the ring.


His birthstone is Ruby,

and it was fixed on the inner of the ring

as part of the engraving.


His birthstone, always carried with her,

held closely to the vein that connects to her heart.


For the outer appearance,

he wanted a subtle colour for the side stones

so that the center stone would remain the main focus.


Blue diamond was chosen

for its icy blue colour that is mellow and serene.


Incidentally, a blue diamond fixed onto Daisy

gives the appearance of blue daisies.


Blue daisies symbolise

long-lasting trust and loyalty.


The gift of blue daisies,

a symbol of his lifelong commitment to her.


A meaningful design,

and a thoughtful plan.


The gift of Daisy bloomed a new Spring for them.


I wish the couple a life full of happiness and joy together! ♡


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Customer's Voice

Amazing service all round, exceptionally satisfied with the experience of designing, conceptualising and eventually receiving the ring. The team was patient, knowledgeable, detailed and creative throughout the process. Thank you Ith team!


The Gift of Daisy