2024.01.20 Umeda

Warm-Hued Wedding Rings Perfectly Suited for the Couple

During the counseling session, they expressed a desire for a ring that, while simple in design, would incorporate specific preferences in shape and color. 

The shape that was discovered among many try-ons



The ring they chose is the "Allegro," a piece that has been part of ith's collection since the brand's inception.





A distinctive feature is the sharp line around the ring, marking the boundary between "mirror finish" and "hairline finish," showcasing a dual aspect.





Even before the visit, they were considering a matte finish.


By applying "honing finish" across the surface, a type of matte finish that further suppresses glossiness, it achieves an even more subdued atmosphere.

Valuing the nuance of color


The moment I showed them the white gold color, they both unanimously exclaimed, "This is the color!" with a reaction that overflowed with their close bond.






Upon delivery, they checked the color of the white gold under natural light, expressing joy with remarks like, "Nobody else will have rings as cool as these!" and "We're so glad we chose white gold," which left a lasting impression on me.





We took commemorative photos in front of the atelier on both the day we first met and the day of delivery.


Their smiles through the camera filled me with emotion.






I hope these rings continue to accompany you closely at all times.

From the atelier, we wish for your everlasting happiness.



Concierge: Katsuoka

Umeda Atelier


Warm-Hued Wedding Rings Perfectly Suited for the Couple