2024.01.05 Umeda

Wedding Rings Packed with Personal Touches

Feelings they harbored after viewing ith's blog


Before visiting ith, they had gone through many of our blog posts, allowing their imaginations to soar.


"We don't want something that everyone else has... We have a particular fondness for pink gold," they mentioned.




Sentiment behind the pink gold hue



The subtle pink tint comes from a higher copper content.


Pink gold, often surprising those who try it on for the first time, blends well even on a man's finger.






They checked the shade of the pink gold metal by the window and under lights repeatedly.


"This is exactly the color we were looking for!" When they shared that, I felt an immense joy too.


A shape that symbolizes the couple in harmony


 "Legato" design, with its U-shaped arms overlapping like a couple in embrace, resembles a pair holding hands, making it the perfect shape for their wedding rings.





As a special touch of personalization, the couple decided that half of the ring would be made of platinum, with a glossy, mirror-like finish to complete the design.


The pink gold section was given a "Tsuchime Haru" texture, making their set truly one of a kind.




Meaning imbued in a single word


The engraving inside reads "destiny," reflecting not only their meeting but also my fortunate encounter with them and our journey to find these rings filled with personal significance—all of it felt like destiny.




Witnessing happiness unfold





First, the man to the woman.

Their sparkling smiles are unforgettable.


While waiting for the rings to be completed, they eagerly anticipated the delivery, keeping up with ith's blog.


"We are so happy with a design that's unique to us," the shared again.





"Can we also be featured on the blog?" they asked, looking forward to seeing their story published.


I hope this blog reaches you, and from the atelier, we wish for your everlasting happiness.


Concierge: Katsuoka

Umeda Atelier


Wedding Rings Packed with Personal Touches