2024.06.04 Umeda

Wedding Bands That Fulfill Both Ideals and Match

The couple visited our atelier after discovering us on Instagram.


"We want a hint of diamond sparkle, but subtly," and "We like designs with an interesting look," they shared their preferences with us.





The man chose "Marcato."


The gentle S-curve on the top gives a subtle presence to the hand.


He liked that it was recognizably a wedding ring but not overly simple.





The woman chose "Cantabile."

Named after the musical term meaning "song-like," this ring expresses lightness with its delicate twist.


The subtle sparkle of the diamonds set on either side was a favorite feature.





During the fittings, they realized how important it was to have "a sense of matching" in their wedding rings.


Therefore, the twist in the "Cantabile" was adjusted to match the upward right direction of his "Marcato" ring.


Even just changing the direction of the twist significantly enhanced the sense of them matching.





The timing of the completion of the ring coincided with the couple's move to their new home together, so the delivery could not be made in person.


Seeing the happy photos of the couple made me feel joyful too.

Please continue to build a fun and unique home together.


Wishing them everlasting happiness from the atelier.


Concierge: Kawahara

Umeda Atelier


Wedding Bands That Fulfill Both Ideals and Match