2024.06.04 Umeda

Wedding Rings That Exude the Subtle Elegance of Japanese Engraving

During the process of trying on many samples, the couple encountered two favorite rings.


Favorite Shapes and Captivating Carved Patterns

The first ring, "Mobius uno," features a delicate twist that elegantly slims the appearance of the finger.


They both loved its comfortable, non-constricting fit.





The second set of rings, "Erba" for him and "Foglia" for her, both designs employ the traditional Japanese technique of "Wabori," featuring laurel leaf patterns.


They were drawn to the delicate brilliance that artisan craftsmanship brings, distinct from the sparkle of diamonds.




Custom Arrangements Based on Preferences

Given that wedding rings are worn over a long time, comfort was a priority, and they chose "Mobius uno" as the base.



Both of them favored the elegantly carved patterns.


From a desire to incorporate their favorite laurel leaves into the rings, it was decided to engrave a leaf pattern on "Mobius uno."





Symbolic Meaning Unique to Wedding Rings

The laurel tree, symbolizing "the tree of couples" or "the tree of happiness," was a perfect match for the design of their wedding rings.


The simple base combined with the unique shine of the carving created a unified yet individually enhancing finish.



Attention to Details Not Immediately Seen

On the inside of the ring, a custom original engraving was placed.


It's a detail not visible in everyday wear but a special design known only to the two of them, completing their unique rings.





As they both seriously discussed and gradually decided on the design, it was an exciting and irreplaceable time.


I hope they will continue to accumulate wonderful memories with their ring.


From the atelier, we wish them everlasting happiness.



Concierge: Kawahara

Umeda Atelier


Wedding Rings That Exude the Subtle Elegance of Japanese Engraving