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Achieving Desired Features Through Custom Design: A Wedding Ring with Distinctive Details

A couple, new to the experience of wedding ring fittings, visited with a desire to explore both custom-made and ready-made options.


They, who usually do not wear rings, were keen to discover what designs best suited them.


Discovery Through Numerous Try-Ons



After trying on nearly every ring available at ith, the couple found their match in the "Legato" ring.


Characterized by its softly curved shape, it gently embraces the finger, offering a smooth and comfortable fit.


They fell in love at first sight with the "Legato" for its inherent bridal elegance and the value they placed on wearing it perpetually.


It was a serendipitous encounter made possible by their extensive search through numerous rings.


Crafting Their Custom Design


Through the process of trying on various rings, what you wanted to achieve became clearer.





The gentleman preferred both matte and polished textures.


To enjoy both, we decided to split the textures half-and-half on the ring.





The lady chose to incorporate diamonds into her ring to capture the essence of a traditional wedding ring. Additionally, by applying delicate milgrain detailing, she appreciated the warmth of craftsmanship.


Matching the matte finish with his ring created a cohesive look between their rings.


The ability to fulfill all these specific desires highlights the unique appeal of bespoke jewellery.





When the finished rings were revealed, I still remember the scene vividly, as both of them exclaimed, "They're really beautiful!"


I hope they create many cherished memories with these rings.


I look forward to seeing them both again for maintenance or any other occasion.


Concierge: Sato

Umeda Atelier

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Achieving Desired Features Through Custom Design: A Wedding Ring with Distinctive Details