2024.06.14 Umeda

A One-of-a-Kind Wedding Ring with Shining Alexandrite

A man who loves collecting stones visited our atelier wanting to set alexandrite in his wedding ring.


Alexandrite is a rare gem that changes color from green under sunlight or fluorescent light to red under incandescent light.


Let me introduce a ring filled with particular attention to detail, featuring this unique stone.





Choosing the Base Design

He chose "Mobius due."

A twist design inspired by the Mobius strip, despite its simplicity, commands presence.






She opted for "Cantabile," which has delicate and narrow width, can be worn casually on a daily basis.






Both quickly agreed, "This is the one."

The immediate attraction was quite striking.

Customization with Stone

We were able to procure seven alexandrites of varying sizes for this occasion.


To ensure their presence was strongly felt, he decided to set three stones on each side, totaling six.




By setting the stones from smallest to largest along the twist of the ring, we created a design that maximizes both the shape of the ring and the allure of the stones.







For the woman, one of the pre-existing diamonds was replaced with an alexandrite.


The transparency of the diamond enhances the color of the alexandrite, making it stand out even more.


Setting the same stone increased the sense of unity, creating a special pair of rings.




Hidden Details

On the inside, we set an "ith diamond," which consists of two diamonds cut from a single rough stone.






With alexandrite shining on the surface and the ith diamond hidden inside, the design reflects meticulous attention to detail, making it truly one-of-a-kind.





The couple first visited our atelier in October, and the rings were completed by April.

During this time, they visited the atelier three times.


The time spent in the atelier, thinking about the rings, has become a priceless memory for them.


As they wear these rings over time, I hope them thoroughly enjoy the brilliance of the alexandrite.


Concierge: Miyamoto



Umeda Atelier


A One-of-a-Kind Wedding Ring with Shining Alexandrite