2023.12.02 Jewellery Column

The emotion created by professional work


Atelier-style jewellery shop

ith was born out of the atelier of a female craftsman, but recently, the number of stores that have a crafty feel with the image of an atelier/workshop has increased considerably, just like ith.

Not only ith, but all jewellery is born from a workshop. In a place that is the starting point for the creation of value and charm, when the creator and the wearer feel each other's presence as close as possible and respect each other while making things, deep joy and emotion are born.

We believe that the workshop/atelier is such a special place, and I am glad to see more and more people in the world, not only jewellery makers, but also people who are engaged in manufacturing with such a feeling.

Self-made jewellery is gaining popularity

Atelier-style shops have various unique features, but recently, there has been a particular increase in handmade shops offering a self-style approach where couples can create their own wedding rings.

Each store may have its own method, but usually the customers make their own wedding rings while experiencing the ring making process with the support of the staff and craftsmen.

Making your own rings is a wonderful thing, and the experience itself can be a fun and memorable one.

Our company originally started as a jewellery school, so I would like many people to experience jewellery making, even if it is not limited to wedding rings. I believe that by experiencing jewellery making for yourself, you will gain a deeper understanding of the appeal of jewellery itself.

At ith, we also try to have our non-professional staff experience jewellery making as much as possible so that each and every one of them can better understand the rings.

The emotion created by professional work


While the self-experience style of wedding ring making is attractive, at ith, we take the approach of "custom-made wedding rings made by the customer and the concierge together," where the customer and the concierge work together to find the ideal shape, which is then finished by a professional craftsman.


The craftsmen sit at their metal-engraving desks and work over and over again, day after day, to create each and every ring.

The daily work is never easy. It is a hard work under pressure that requires a certain number and accuracy in a limited time.

Forms are created while maintaining balance, textures are applied while paying attention to delicate expressions, and engraving is done so that sharpness and brilliance are achieved. It may not be a world that many people are familiar with, but it is not difficult to imagine the extraordinary concentration of skill, ability, and concentration that goes into precise work on such a small formative object as a ring.


Ichiro, a professionlal baseball player, has left behind records and memories that shake people's hearts as a result of each and every at-bat that he has put up. Like him, craftsmen will improve their own skills by accumulating their daily work, thereby adding value to each and every ring they create.

There may be few jobs that get as much sunlight as a professional baseball player, but I believe that whatever work you do, something that you cultivate while working hard at something day in and day out will have some value that you cannot get instantly.


Because a wedding ring is something special, we believe that when a professional craftsman who has devoted his/her life to it performs the work, it is imbued with an emotion that cannot be found anywhere else.


In order to fulfill the customer's wishes, professionals will use all of their abilities.

This creates excitement for the customer and for us who are involved in the process.

I believe that this is what we mean by "creating together with our customers".


ith Director: Yoshida

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The emotion created by professional work