2023.11.22 Jewellery Column

Arrangements to put in the ring

Wedding ring is a special ring, so make it your own.

When I tailor a wedding band, I truly want the wearer to choose a ring that is personal to them and that they will love.

I have learned from my long experience of training as a jewellery craftsman that it is the job of a professional to give shape to the wearer's preferences and wishes, not to create a design that I think is good.


I originally trained at a workshop that produced one-of-a-kind jewellery, so the customer who would wear the piece was fixed when creating, and I was expected to do my job to answer that person's order. My daily routine was to work with my hands while thinking about what kind of design would be best for the person who would wear it to be pleased with it.

Such "making things to fulfill customers wishes" was the starting point of ith's custom-made and arrangements.

Arrangements to put in the ring

When choosing a wedding ring, some customers wish to change part of the design, or want to choose a ring with a meaning or origin that is unique to them.

At ith, you can order a ring from our collection as is, but we can also tailor a ring that is uniquely yours by adding your own personal touches to the original design.

The ring can be arranged in a wide range of ways, and our concierge will make various suggestions based on the customer's tastes and desires. In order to be able to propose arrangements freely, knowledge of ring making is necessary. As a ring maker, I value learning every day in order to respond to various customers' requests.

Custom-made by ith

Rings of memories with our customers

I have a memory of customising an engagement ring "Fumet" at the request from a customer.

A gentleman visited my atelier alone and entrusted me with the creation of an engagement ring for his proposal. He liked the design of Fumet, which has a curved arm with a diamond subtly set on it, and asked me to customise it to incorporate a flower motif, named after his fiancee's name.

I proposed a design for an engagement ring just for the couple, with the diamond as a petal and the fiancee's birthstone, pink tourmaline, in the center.

I was very pleased that they liked my proposal so much and entrusted me with their precious engagement ring.


Many concierge who share our desire 'to fulfill our customers wishes' have gathered at my atelier since the days I was a sole creator handling everything from production to delivery.

There are many hardships involved in making arrangements and custom-made products that suit each individual customer. Nevertheless, I will continue to make rings for our customers as always.



Concierge: Ayu Takahashi



Arrangements to put in the ring