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Elevating the Specialness of an Engagement Ring with 5 Types of Specialty Faceted Diamonds

Crafted from the polishing skills of artisans, specialty faceted diamonds bring a beautiful design to life

If you're thinking, "I don't want a design that's just off the shelf, I want our special engagement ring," but find yourself drawn to simple designs when trying on rings, you'll want to see ith's spcialty facted diamonds.


With artisan's polishing techniques, patterns of cherry blossoms, sunflowers, bellflowers, stars, and snowflakes are engraved into diamonds, giving your rings a special story. Let us introduce these beautiful five designs.


※Actual diamond colors range from colorless to light yellow.

1: Cherry Blossom Faceted Diamond

Adored since the Manyoshu era, cherry blossom symbolizes Japan with their national popularity. They bloom after the cold winter, is also a fortunate motif believed to house the god of bountiful harvests.

The fantastical beauty of towns bathed in sakura colors creates a memorable scene. Some choose this season for their proposal, encapsulating the time spent together under the cherry blossoms within the diamond forever.


Flower language: Spiritual beauty, graceful woman, purity



2: Sunflower Faceted Diamond

The sunflower is a well-loved symbol of summer, known for its sun-like shape and vivid yellow hues. Its appearance imparts a positive and energetic impression.


A shining smile and bright personality are often likened to a sunflower. It's a charming flower that men planning to propose might associate with their beloved's image.


Flower language: Adoration, passion, 'I only have eyes for you.'


3: Bellflower Faceted Diamond

The bellflower, sung about in the Manyoshu as one of the seven autumn flowers and used in family crests, has a historical motif.

The bell-shaped petals that seem to invite happiness are fitting for a symbol of eternal love, with their purple hue evoking the serene beauty of a mature woman.


Flower language: Eternal love, unchanging love, sincerity, grace


4: Snowflake Faceted Diamond

The snowflake, a symbol of winter, has been incorporated into jewellery design as a motif of good fortune. Its pure white snow and clear crystals represent purity, heart cleansing, and rebirth.


Its stable hexagonal base shape suggests it brings love and good fortune.


Perfect for couples celebrating anniversaries in winter and embodying pure intentions.


5: Star Diamond

Stars, while being beautiful celestial bodies in the night sky, are often used as symbols of hope and dreams. In tarot cards, "The Star" represents hope. 

Stars are seen as luminous entities that brighten the future or happiness, evoking images of positivity and good fortune. 


They are also said to represent health and wealth, making them appealing motifs for those wishing for a prosperous and happy married life.

Case Study: Creating a Unique “Cherry Blossom Tree” Engagement Ring

A man, starting a long-distance relationship due to relocation three months ago, wanted to reassure his girlfriend living in their hometown with an engagement ring.


When asked about the ring's design, he envisioned "a design with a center diamond that can be worn casually on dates." Ultimately, he wanted his partner to choose.


For his partner, the gesture of his personally selecting a gift would likely be deeply appreciated, we carefully discussed and decided to present the diamond itself rather than an engagement ring for the proposal.

"I absolutely want a high 4C grade diamond, and over 0.3 carats, colorless D..."


Through his research at other brands, he believed a diamond's value depended on its grade and price. Accordingly, we revisited the charm of diamonds as gemstones.


Each diamond, formed deep within the earth over billions of years, is unique. We explained that clarity and color are individual characteristics of each stone.


"In that case, I want to give a diamond with a special story."


Responding to his changed mindset, we introduced diamonds with carat numbers related to angel numbers and the proposal planned for the 22nd, including cherry blossom and star specialty faceted diamonds. He then liked the "cherry blossom facet" as they often go cherry blossom viewing together and it was perfect for an April proposal.



"I thought yellow color was a flaw, but I've come to see it as a unique feature."


With a happy smile, he booked a follow-up appointment, and after a successful proposal, he revisited the atelier with his partner.


Trying on all the rings at ith, her preference was for designs with textures on the surface and concentrated on gold metal. Utilizing her sensibility, we decided to create a unique "Cherry Blossom Tree" that wasn't too engagement-ring-like but filled with thought.

The ring features a warm white gold band with a bark-like engraving, adorned with a diamond which has motif of a cherry blossom. This special sakura tree design promises to always bring blooms to your hearts.



The Custom-Made of its

Engagement Rings Design


Encapsulating your memories and wishes in the sparkle of specialty faceted diamonds

Subtly incorporating unique motifs that may not be immediately noticeable but are certainly there, adds even more special meaning to the engagement ring as a symbol of your love.

Why not choose a flower or mark that fits the mood you two create, your names, the season of your first meeting, or your anniversary, and secretly incorporate it into the ring?


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Elevating the Specialness of an Engagement Ring with 5 Types of Specialty Faceted Diamonds