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Which Finger to Wear It On? Understanding the Meaning Behind Ring Placement to Make It Your Personal Talisman

Do you know the meaning behind which finger you wear your ring on?

Rings are small yet have a significant presence. Seeing a ring on the left ring finger often subconsciously signals that someone is married or has a partner. While the ring finger symbolizes love, what about the other fingers? Did you know that each position on both the left and right hands has its own meaning?


The left and right hands are said to govern different areas.


Right Hand = Action & Practical Power (Left Brain: Logical)

Left Hand = Spirituality, Intuition, & Latent Abilities (Right Brain: Creative)


Furthermore, each finger from thumb to little finger is believed to harbor different powers, and historically, the posture of hands in Buddha statues and yoga mudras, for example, have been imbued with clear meanings.


Let's introduce the roles each of the 10 fingers play. Which ring position is perfect for you right now?

《Thumb》Thumb Ring


  • Supports Strong Will "May all your wishes come true"

Known as a thumb ring in English, stemming from "thumb" meaning the thumb finger. In ancient Rome, it symbolized wealth and power, with rulers often wearing rings on their thumbs.



Right Thumb: Leadership


The right thumb is said to govern "leadership," linking to leadership qualities. It supports the power to overcome difficulties and the strength of will when needed.




Left Thumb: Drive and Conviction


When you want to achieve your goals and dreams on your own, it supports you by boosting the power to move forward. It helps increase your action power and supports you when you want to have courage.



《Index Finger》Index Ring

  • "Guidance and Independence"

 - Draws Out Positivity


Just as the "index" means guideline, instruction, or index, the index finger symbolizes assertiveness. When you want to enhance your independence and energy to improve performance, consider wearing a ring with determination. 



Right Index Finger: Focus, Independence, Performance Enhancement


As support for diligently tackling tasks or concentrating on one thing. When you want to enhance your performance towards a goal in work or study. It also supports the demonstration of leadership qualities when leading others.



Left Index Finger: Positivity, Positive Mindset, Love Knot

Supports moving towards goals with mental positivity, expressing oneself positively, and in love, acts as a bond maker.




《Middle Finger》Middle Finger Ring

  • Inspiration & Protection "Sharpens intuition and creativity"

Useful when you want to refine inner senses and inspire creativity. When you want to enhance your creativity and insight to smooth over work and personal relationships, wearing a ring on your middle finger may serve as a talisman to help you.

Right Middle Finger: Strengthening Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity


As a means of warding off evil, for supporting the dispelling of bad luck. Also, when you want to sharpen your inner self to achieve tranquility of mind and swift action.



Left Middle Finger: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships & Intuition


To enhance cooperativeness, consider tuning into the feelings of others and the atmosphere of the surroundings. When you desire smooth communication and need intuitive judgment.



《Ring Finger》Anniversary Ring or Marriage Ring

  • Deepens Love and Feeling "Cultivates a calm heart and love"

In ancient Greece, the heart was considered as the seat of emotion, and the ring finger, believed to be directly connected to the heart through a thick vein, was also regarded as sacred. This belief that the ring finger is linked to life and the heart has led to the widespread practice of wearing wedding and engagement rings on this finger.

Right Ring Finger: Creation of Love & Emotional Stability

Provides support for fulfilling love by achieving emotional stability. Also, when you want to boost your inspiration and express your individuality, thereby supporting your creative work.



Left Ring Finger: Symbol of Love and Connection



Considered to symbolize deepening love and connection, worn as a testament to partnership or family ties. Wearing it together with a partner strengthens bonds.




《Little Finger》Pinkie Ring


"Opportunity and Attraction"

- Enhances individuality and fulfills desires


Believed to enhance one's charm and attract opportunities. The pinkie, symbolizing secrecy, is linked to communication, potentially drawing favorable interpersonal opportunities.


Right Pinkie: Boosts Charm & Self-Expression

Supports in enhancing one's abilities and charm. Useful for when rich self-expression and self-promotion are needed. Can also be worn as a lucky charm with a birthstone.



Left Pinkie: Seizing Opportunities & Fulfilling Desires


When seeking opportunities or desiring positive changes, especially in love and relationships, it supports in attracting the changes needed to fulfill wishes.



As a Personal Amulet Always in Sight

Did you find the power or element you wish to enhance or supplement among the meanings assigned to each finger on both hands?


ith offers the ”Cammino" ring, a slender forged ring that can be stacked and coordinated according to the finger it's worn on, allowing you to tailor the design, color, and volume to your preference.



Rings are one of the few pieces of jewellery that allow you to see how they adorn your own body. Each time your favorite design or a ring gifted by a loved one sparkles on your finger, it can bring joy and sometimes even provide comfort and courage.


By wearing a ring that aligns with the image of yourself you wish to become, it can serve as a personal amulet. Paying attention to which finger you wear it on can enrich your life with rings even more!"


Which Finger to Wear It On? Understanding the Meaning Behind Ring Placement to Make It Your Personal Talisman