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Wedding Rings: Understanding Their Meaning and History to Choose the Ring You Truly Want

Exploring the Lesser-Known Aspects of Wedding Rings

Even without a wedding ceremony, many desire a wedding ring. With COVID-19 diversifying wedding preparations like ceremonies and photo weddings, an increasing number of couples view buying wedding rings as a significant milestone.

A wedding ring worn on the left ring finger is so ingrained in everyday life that it's seen as a sign of having a partner. Because it's something to accompany you through life, it's natural to wonder, "Which ring should I choose to avoid regret?"


Why do we wear wedding rings? Are they truly necessary? Understanding the meaning behind wedding rings can reveal their true significance and help you find the one that suits you best.

Unraveling the History of Wedding Rings

Wearing wedding rings has become so ingrained in our culture that many people see it as a given once married. But do you know when the tradition of exchanging rings between partners began? Let's delve into the history of wedding rings.

Origins of the Wedding Ring

There are many theories about the origins of the wedding ring, but it is said to have existed in ancient Greece and that Pope Nicholas I exchanged rings as a sign of marriage in the 9th century during the Roman era.

By the 13th century, the custom of exchanging rings between men and women at marriage had already taken root in Europe.

What is the Meaning of Wedding Rings?

In ancient Greece, wedding rings were tied to the concept of a contract and served as its proof. A popular belief at the time was that a vein ran directly from the heart to the left ring finger, dubbing it the "vein of love," thus positioning the wedding ring on this finger symbolized love.

Meaning of the Wedding Ring in Modern Times

As a longstanding symbol of love, wedding rings remain cherished today as emblems of eternal love and commitment. Wearing a ring on the left ring finger not only signifies the presence of a partner but also serves as a public declaration of one’s marital status, communicating to others that "I am married."

The Meaning of Exchanging Wedding Rings

Historically, the tradition of exchanging wedding rings was practiced during Christian wedding ceremonies. The exchange of wedding rings is an important part of the marriage ceremony.


Initially a symbol of contract, the exchange of wedding rings has evolved into a mutual gift, reflecting the shift from public to private aspects of marriage. The view that the wedding ring itself was a symbol of their married life also arose with the beginning of the exchange of rings. Even today, many brides and grooms say that exchanging rings as a pledge of love to each other gave them a real sense of marriage.


Why Rings are the Mark of Marriage?

While various types of jewellery like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings exist, rings became symbols of marriage largely due to their shape.

The ring is an unbroken "circle" and the never-ending "circle" gives a sense of permanence, and the cycles of nature, such as the four seasons and the phases of the moon, which repeat over and over again, are also connected to the concept of a ring. Additionally, the hands and fingers are expressive parts of the body, used in gestures that convey personal and emotional messages, making rings ideal for expressing marital commitment.


Exploring the Various Names for Wedding-Related Rings

By the way, do you know what rings are called and what they stand for in relation to marriage? Some of you may not quite understand the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, or may be new to the term "wedding ring."

There's often confusion around the names associated with wedding rings, so let's sort through them.

What is a Wedding Ring?

Wedding ring refers to a pair of rings worn together with one's partner.


In the U.S., "wedding band" is common, while "wedding ring" is the term used in Europe. 

Despite the different terms, "wedding band," and "wedding ring" all refer to a wedding ring. In jewellery shops, saying "wedding ring" will universally be understood.

What is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is typically given by a man to a woman during a marriage proposal as a symbol of engagement. These rings often feature more ornate designs with diamonds or other gemstones compared to wedding rings.


Is There a Specific Finger to Wear the Wedding and Engagement Rings?

Many may think that wedding rings must be worn on the left ring finger, but actually, there's no strict rule specifying which finger they should be worn on. Why, then, has wearing them on the left ring finger become so common?

Reasons for Wearing the Wedding Ring on the Ring Finger of the Left Hand

Earlier, we mentioned the point that in ancient Greece, the left hand ring finger and the heart were thought to be connected by a single blood vessel. It is also believed that the heart resides in the heart, which may be one reason for wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, which is close to the heart, for a closer bond with the loved one.


Furthermore, as the finger on which medicine and lipstick were applied, the ring finger was believed to have magical powers and the ability to heal wounds and illnesses. There are also episodes of couples pledging their eternal love to each other by wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger, which has a strong power, as a symbol of their love.


In daily life, the ring finger is less likely to interfere with activities due to its limited range of motion. This practical aspect, combined with the fact that most people are right-handed, means the left hand is less prone to damages or dropping the ring.


Globally, the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the left ring finger is prevalent, but countries like Germany and Austria may wear them on the right or switch rings at different stages of engagement and marriage. This variability highlights that there's no strict rule globally on which finger to wear wedding or engagement rings, as customs vary by culture and religion.

The Meaning Behind Where You Wear Your Ring

Have you heard that recently, the effects and meanings of wearing a ring can vary depending on which finger and on which hand it's worn? While it includes elements of a charm, wearing this can expand the joy of accessorizing, which we'll introduce as an example for more enjoyment.

Right Hand: Has a spiritual meaning such as "to improve concentration"

Right thumb: exhibits leadership and maintains convictions

Right index finger: enhances concentration and action

Right middle finger: repels evil (serves as a charm) and increases inspiration

Right ring finger: stabilizes the heart and fulfills love

Right pinky finger: boosts charm and allows one to express personality

Left Hand: Has a practical meaning such as "seizing opportunities

Left thumb: upholds beliefs and helps realize intentions

Left index finger: increases assertiveness and provides mental stability

Left middle finger: enhances cooperation and improves relationships

Left ring finger: deepens love and bonds and fulfills wishes

Left pinky finger: attracts opportunities for romance

How to Choose a Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding ring that you'll love for a lifetime can feel daunting, especially since it's usually a first-time experience. Here are some points to consider when choosing a wedding ring, such as whether it is to be worn every day and how to decide on the material and design.

Should you wear it all the time? Episodes in History

Wedding rings are commonly worn on a daily basis after marriage, and in many cases, even at events and business occasions where jewellery is discouraged, it is acceptable to wear a wedding ring separately from other jewellery. The custom of wearing a wedding ring in everyday life has been around since the Middle Ages, when it was considered a symbol of the marriage bond between two people and was not to be taken off. However, there are professions that prohibit wearing any rings, so it's not mandatory to wear it at all times.


In medieval Germany, there was a belief that likened the wedding ring to a couple's love. It was said that if a woman removed her wedding ring, it signified her love for her husband cooling and could lead to marital discord. Additionally, there's a legend that if a wedding ring broke naturally, it was a sign that one's partner had been unfaithful. Thinking about the old stories about wedding rings can make them feel even more special.

Points to Keep in Mind When Wearing the Ring on a Daily Basis

Wearing a wedding ring daily not only solidifies the feeling of marriage but also brings a sense of motivation to many. Some people feel that wearing it enhances their social credibility. However, if the ring is worn all the time, sweat and sebum from the hands will adhere to the ring, which will attract more dirt, causing the shine of the ring to dull. If this happens, wipe the ring gently with a soft cloth. When caring for the ring, also check for distortion and loose gemstones.


Additionally, some jewellery shops offer ring polishing services, which it's wise to inquire about at the time of purchase.

On Choosing the Material of the Ring

Wedding rings are typically made from precious metals like platinum and gold. In addition to its resistance to discolouration, deformation and transformation, its high value as a metal material also makes it suitable as a ring to be worn for life. Platinum, with its near-white appearance that doesn't interfere with the clarity of diamonds, has been heavily favored in Japan for bridal sets. Recently, influenced by fashion trends, gold has also seen a rise in popularity.


The choice of material and color significantly impacts the design, and with no fixed rules internationally, it's best to choose according to personal preference and intended lifelong use.

About the Design

Many people choose simple designs for wedding rings considering daily wear, often using diamonds and other flashy gems on engagement rings instead. This allows for easier everyday wear of wedding rings without tiring of their appearance, and people enjoy alternating between them for different occasions.


Additionally, many jewelers offer personalization options such as engraving initials or significant dates. Furthermore, if you want the design of the ring itself to be uniquely yours, you have the option of having it custom-made. As it will always be in view, try to find a wedding ring that will give you energy and happiness when you wear it.

The More You Know, the More You Love Wedding Rings

Many wear them not knowing why, assuming it's just what one does when marrying. Understanding the history and significance of these rings can help you make a clearer choice of wedding and engagement rings.


The wedding ring is always close to you as a proof of your eternal love. That's why we hope you will find something you will be satisfied with and cherish.



Wedding Rings: Understanding Their Meaning and History to Choose the Ring You Truly Want