2024.02.26 Jewellery Column

Rings with Curves that Beautify the Finger





Important Aspects in Designing





When designing wedding rings, I prioritize two things: ensuring the ring is comfortable to wear for a long time and making the wearer's finger look beautiful.

This is especially true for rings with curves, where I pay close attention to creating an elegant, flowing line and a flexibility that hugs the finger gently, repeatedly testing it on the finger to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Among ith's collection, there are three curved rings that are particularly designed to make the fingers look more beautiful: Moderato, Legato, and Grave.

Each ring, while having a gentle roundness and plumpness, is meticulously crafted to make the finger appear slimmer and longer when worn. The design, which can only be achieved by handcrafting, creates a strong attachment due to the time and dedication involved.











Among the three, Moderato has a voluminous design at the top. As a wedding ring meaning 'moderate, gentle,' its arms stretch gently from both sides, overlapping in the center like clasped hands. It's a cute design that symbolizes the bond between two people.








Legato has a U-shaped curve design, derived from the Italian word 'legare' meaning 'to tie.' It is the slimmest ring among the three. The ring has parts where it is slim and parts where it is thick, creating a contrast that makes the finger look slender and long when worn.











Grave shares the same U-shaped form as Legato but is the most voluminous ring in terms of width and thickness. Special attention is paid to the angle of the diagonal line at the top, adding a sharp edge to its substantial presence. The asymmetrically applied curves create different expressions depending on the viewing angle.







Attention to Unseen Details




All three rings have a gentle curve on the palm side, a subtle yet crucial detail. This curve ensures a smooth fit around the finger, adding a cute, plump appearance even to the back of the ring.

While care is taken to enhance the visible top side of the ring, detailed attention to the palm side and inside enhances its beauty and comfort significantly.


The back view of Moderato showcases its rounded, plump line.

By curving the palm side of Legato into a U-shape, a comfortable fit is achieved.

Grave's variable width creates an elongated line, enhancing its appearance.


Relying on my own eyes and hands, I strive for the beauty and comfort that can only be felt when the ring is worn. It's incredibly rewarding and motivating when customers feel and appreciate these intricacies during their try-on.


Ayu Takahashi, Concierge


Rings with Curves that Beautify the Finger