2019.02.12 Jewellery Column

"One-of-a-Kind" Sentiment

Just as your union is irreplaceable, we wish for your rings to be just as unique. This is the heart of ith's ring crafting. Let us share three aspects ith cherishes to embody this sentiment.



Craftsmanship in Design


ith's engagement and wedding rings are designed by Ayu Takahashi, our female artisan and representative. Her designs merge craftsmanship with a woman's sensitivity, creating a balance of delicacy and playful spirit.

Typically, in jewellery design, a craftsman shapes a piece based on a designer's drawing. However, Takahashi directly manipulates materials, refining designs based on sensations, impressions, and inspiration felt during the process.

The subtle curves and V-shaped rings that beautifully adorn the hand were found through trial and error on her own hand, reflecting a perfect balance.

ith also boasts original textures, like the highly popular "Rocia," discovered through Takahashi's experiments with various tools and materials.




Additionally, the ring features a unique design that employs the traditional Japanese engraving technique 'Wabori' in an unconventional way, giving the piece an ornate and antique appearance. 

Unlike starting from a preconceived idea, Takahashi's designs stem from chance and intuition, showcasing a craftsman's unique thought process through hands-on creation. This approach allows for freedom from preconceived notions, resulting in rings that are understated yet imbued with a gentle and delicate individuality.




Craftsmen's Made-to-Order Production




Engagement and wedding rings can be broadly categorized into 'mass-produced' and 'one-of-a-kind'.

Mass-produced items, including rings, are typically sold as off-the-shelf products. Generally, one prototype is made, and copies are produced from it. As you may know, this method is used for many consumer goods and industrial products, allowing for the manufacture of multiple identical items. This process keeps manufacturing costs low, making the products more affordable.

On the other hand, one-of-a-kind rings are crafted individually, with each ring treated as a unique piece. All ith rings are made this way. Since most ith customers opt for some customization, practically all rings are created as completely distinct pieces, including personal engravings.

Creating one-of-a-kind pieces is exceptionally challenging, requiring a balance of quality within limited time and costs.

ith works with its own workshop and several others within Japan, but only a limited number can meet ith's quality standards. The artisans and production managers continually refine their skills and processes to achieve the craftsmanship ith aspires to.





Your Story




While we've shared our efforts to create something truly unique, a genuinely "one-of-a-kind" piece cannot exist without your story. I believe that the "last piece," a one-of-a-kind creation, embodies your unique story and the significance it holds for both of you.

The lives of a couple leading up to their marriage, and the life they spend together afterwards, are uniquely special and unlike any others in the world. And it's this "special something" that can be encapsulated in a wedding ring, a magical accessory.

The way each couple chooses to imbue their rings with meaning varies immensely, but at ith, we facilitate this by allowing you to customize designs to your liking, incorporate motifs meaningful to both, and freely add personal touches to create rings that satisfy you both.


Creating "one-of-a-kind" by layering singular stories is what ith stands for.


ith Yoshida


"One-of-a-Kind" Sentiment