2019.02.08 Jewellery Column

Handcrafted and Antique-Styled Custom Engagement and Wedding Rings

Rather than Shiny New Rings


Many couples seeking engagement and wedding rings often mention a preference for an "antique-like" look.


Upon closer inquiry, although their specific design preferences vary, the couple shares a fondness for "warm designs" and a "well-worn texture." Additionally, they seem to gravitate towards a slightly classical mood that aligns with their vision.

Tailoring Rings to Your Antique Taste



At ith, any model can be customized to fit your preference.


Let's explore some semi-custom and fully custom rings inspired by the "antique" theme as chosen by our clients.


Customization of | Campana | 

| Campana | 


Transforming our signature ring into a plain design, this arrangement features fine asperity and a matte finish for a sophisticated vibe. The star motif adds a touch of sharp engraving and charming stone settings, enhancing both masculine and feminine individuality.


The silver ring, made of white gold instead of platinum, exudes a warmth with a yellowish nuance.


Customization of | Tsutime Aki | 

| Tsutime Aki | 


This engagement ring is a custom-made piece, crafted after multiple consultations.


A matte finish and milgrain edging draw out the desired antique mood.

The ring arm setting side of V-shaped diamond accentuates a precious diamond inherited from the wearer's mother.



| Fully Custom-Made | Wedding Ring

A stylish couple ordered a ring with an original engraved pattern.

The distinct and powerful lines of the engraving are characteristic of the traditional Japanese "Wabori" technique.


In addition to the detailed engraving, millgrain and worn-in texture, the men's ring features a wide band design that appears as if two rings were stacked together. This crafting process showcased the artisan's skill.



| Fully Custom-Made | Engagement Ring


The ring features a unique design with a characteristic concave arm.

The engagement ring was finished with a natural and European flair, featuring milgrain detailing all around the central diamond.


The subdued color of white gold gives it an aged, antique ring feel.



Customization of | Roccia | 

| Roccia |  


The same customer who ordered the custom engagement ring also chose a wedding ring with a vintage-like design.

The fine textural details on the surface are an original ith texture, created by transferring and replicating the feel of an iron plate.


A single diamond set in a square frame offers a refined touch.


Customization of | Roccia | 

| Roccia |  


Another version of Roccia customized for a moody finish, with a warm blend of pink and yellow gold and decorative engravings reminiscent of flowers, creating a fantastical impression.


The design of the ring creates a sensation as if it has always been a part of the wearer from the very first time it is placed on the finger.


Customization of | Mobius uno | 

| Mobius uno | 


The simple Mobius design is transformed into an exceptionally sweet finish with added diamonds and milgrain, enhancing the twist design's impact.


The choice of pink gold, selected to match existing jewellery, enhances the antique feel of the piece.


Fully Custom-Made Engagement Ring

Even the sleek modernity of polished platinum can adopt an antique style with the right form and patterns.

This ring, with laurel leaf engravings and milgrain, breathes life into the design, while the non-straight arm adds a delicate feel.


Key Points are Texture and Decoration


From robust to intricate designs, there's a wide variety of "antique" styles. Although the designs vary, a "worn-in matte texture" and "classical decorations" are common enhancements.


After finding a design you love, customize it with textures and decorations that match your mood. Enjoy personalizing your rings at ith, where we support your journey to finding those special rings that deepen your attachment to them.

Antique isn't the only option; include any nuances you like to make the rings uniquely yours.





Handcrafted and Antique-Styled Custom Engagement and Wedding Rings