2024.02.26 Jewellery Column

Playfulness in Rings

Incorporating playfulness into rings holds two meanings for me: a commitment to the details of the ring, and the affection attached to it.









Characterized by its clay-kneaded, fluctuating form, this ring is round and gentle on the finger, blending seamlessly.


While its slightly irregular shape may seem rough at first glance, as if crafted by an amateur, it carries my particular attention.


The irregular and rule-defying fluctuation adds expression to the ring. Compared to inorganic, uniform rings, it settles snugly on the finger, offering a natural form and a warmth in color, which I always strive to achieve.


The rough handcrafted fluctuation is significantly more challenging for the artisan than creating straight lines.


Awkward shapes can appear as mere distortions, and exaggerated undulations can seem sloppy.

Without grasping the nuance, even starting can be difficult. We carefully spend time with each ring, crafting its best expression.


Creating Clasico involved multiple prototypes, experimenting with undulations and bumps to achieve a ring that naturally fits while retaining a warm expression.

The more time invested, the softer and richer the expression became.


For women's rings, diamonds randomly placed like constellations draw inspiration from the night sky, adding playfulness perfectly matched with the ring's expression. This unexpected inspiration brings unique attachment.



This process gave birth to Clasico, chosen by a customer for the first time.


Through extensive discussions about the degree of roundness and the fluctuation of the form, the ring we tailored matched the couple's natural and unpretentious demeanor perfectly.


On the ring's surface:

For the woman:


For the man: HAPPIE [Sapphire] T  EVER

Both spouses used the Roman letter 'S' to represent sapphire's initial, adding a playful, personal touch to the affectionately designed ring.



Delivering the ring, hearing that it felt as though it had always belonged on their finger, was incredibly fulfilling. The originality born from the couple's playful ideas, combined with the ring crafted with affection, created a memorable set of rings.


The engraving messages, thoughtfully considered with the couple, add to the ring's deep significance.


Ayu Takahashi, ith


Playfulness in Rings