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Engagement and Wedding Rings with an Antique Feel that Fit Perfectly from the First Wear






A Texture That Invites Touch




For those who find the glossy, shiny look of wedding and engagement rings somewhat unappealing, we'd like to introduce rings that possess a used texture or evoke a sense of nostalgia with their design.


Here, we showcase rings designed for long-term wear, highlighting their unique features.



Classic & Romantic Design

| Erba |

A design incorporating engraved laurel leaves on a slender, rounded ring reminiscent of a crown, evoking Greek mythology.

It blends classical, modern, romantic, and antique elements, featuring milgrain edging.



| Spear |

This design showcases small diamonds flanking the center stone and additional melee diamonds along the arm, offering not just splendor but also a dignified aura.


Crafted in gold, it presents a completely different ambiance.







Elegant and Natural Design



| Milgrain |


Named after the tiny bead-like decorations that edge the ring, a technique widely used in Europe and commonly found on antique pieces.


The entire texture is created by engraving a lattice pattern, resulting in a neatly finished matte texture.


| Arrow |

An engagement ring where the milgrain decoration stands out prominently, with recessed design leading to the center, enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the milgrain and directing focus to the diamond.








Unique "One-of-a-Kind" Designs Showcasing Handcraftsmanship



| Piuma |

The wedding ring's diagonal lines extend in four directions, emulating the texture of feathers.

Rather than carved, the lines are delicately drawn, offering a unique tactile experience, with a design representing the twinkle of stars.






| Iris |

A highly ornamental design, impressive from every angle.

The handcrafted engravings and decorations lend a subtle elegance.




| Fiore |

An engagement ring romantically finished to resemble flowers and leaves, reminiscent of something one might find at a flea market in Paris, blending luxury with playful charm.








Designs with an Old Yet New Worn Texture



| Tsutime Aki |

"Tsuchime" refers to a pattern created by hammering the ring's surface.

The fineness of the pattern varies with the hammer's face size, resulting in a delicate texture reminiscent of weathered stone or rock.



| Roccia |

Roccia, meaning rock in Italian, is an ith-exclusive texture transferred from an iron plate, creating a tactile sensation that makes you want to touch it, adding a unique depth to the ring with its worn texture.








Timelessly Appealing




Rings with an antique mood offer timeless elegance and a texture that becomes even more appealing with wear, seamlessly blending with the wearer's life over the years.


Each ring at ith is handcrafted, delivering a warm texture and classical design, meticulously finished by skilled artisans.


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Engagement and Wedding Rings with an Antique Feel that Fit Perfectly from the First Wear