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What Shape Suits You Best? Choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring to Achieve Beautiful Fingers







Considering Ring Silhouettes for Your Selection




About the Size of Engagement and Wedding Rings


When you start looking for engagement and wedding rings, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of designs available or find it hard to distinguish the differences. It can be quite challenging to figure out which ring suits you best.


In such cases, it's worth paying attention to the differences in the "lines" of the rings. Knowing the characteristics of each shape can help you during your try-on sessions.



Various Ring Shapes







Visual Effects and Design Comparison Based on Lines


* Straight *


Characteristics: Easy to handle / Minimal visual correction effect


Basic straight rings highlight the presence of the finger in a simple manner.


Because they don’t have a peculiar shape, they won’t interfere with coordinating jewellery or outfits, making them easy to pair with other rings.


Depending on the design, you can enjoy a variety of moods with this accessible line.

| Opera | 

As an engagement ring that will be cherished for a long time, it is widely loved for being easy to wear without growing tired of it.

| Ecliss uno |




* S-shaped *


Characteristics: Elegant / Makes fingers appear slimmer


The S-curve, tilted sideways or diagonally, offers an elegant impression with its smooth lines.


It provides a refined and sophisticated atmosphere, mitigating concerns of appearing childish or having short fingers.


It’s also recommended for men, especially those with knobby or shorter fingers, to create a more elongated appearance.



  | Collegare |

For an engagement ring, a design that accentuates the S-curve with melee diamonds is attractive.











 | Fumet |



* U-shaped *



Characteristics: Gentle mood / Moderate finger lengthening effect

U-shaped lines, where the arms curve downwards, are subtly assertive.


Less pronounced than the S-curve, it doesn’t lean too heavily towards a feminine impression.


Compared to straight lines, it naturally fits the finger better and can make it appear longer.




 | Flusso | 


Pairing diamonds with a U-shape creates a form reminiscent of a tiara, offering a charming and delightful shape.


| Tiara |




* V-shaped *


Characteristics: Sharp / Emphasizes finger length


V-lines with a clear apex offer a sharp impression.

They have a visual effect that emphasizes length, making them a great option for those concerned about short fingers.

The depth of the V and the width of the ring can alter its ambiance. A deeper and thinner design leans towards elegance, while a shallower and thicker one offers a sense of solidity.

| Con moto |

The combination of engagement and wedding rings with V-shapes beautifully overlapping each other exudes a sense of harmonious beauty.


| Sophia | 

* X-shaped *


Characteristics: Stylish / Lengthening effect present X-shaped rings, with their cross lines, have the appeal of a double ring.

They provide a modern impression and a chic mood, making them a good choice for those who find traditional bridal rings out of place.


| Croce |







Try on Various Designs!




We've shared how different lines can change the impression and how they fit on the finger. Every person's finger has its unique balance and characteristics, such as length, thickness, joint protrusion, and the back of the hand. It's important to consider how each ring fits when actually worn. Try on a variety of rings to see which suits you best.


At ith, we can customize rings, so it's possible to add an S-curve to a ring originally designed with a straight line. We tailor the perfect ring for you, finishing it in a design and line that suits you best. Feel free to consult with us.

We hope you find the perfect ring that matches your vision for both of you!

About ith's Customization Options

May you find the ring that perfectly aligns with your image!


About the Size of Engagement and Wedding Rings


What Shape Suits You Best? Choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring to Achieve Beautiful Fingers