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Stylishly Matte: Choosing Matte Finish for Engagement & Wedding Rings

Fascinated by Matte Rings

When asked about their ring preference, many express a fondness for engagement and wedding rings with a matte, subdued luster. 



Matte textures offer a composed look and blend seamlessly with the skin, making them approachable for those wearing rings for the first time. Additionally, depending on the design, a matte finish can add a cool, flair to the ring.


Are matte finishes also OK for engagement and wedding rings?


The answer is YES!!

There's no rule stating that engagement and wedding rings must exclusively feature a glossy finish.


The most crucial aspect is that the ring suits and pleases you, ensuring it becomes a cherished piece for years to come.

Wedding Ring: ”Milgrain



For those who dream of diamonds but shy away from overly sparkling rings, choosing a matte finish can subtly enhance the gemstone's brilliance.


Does the Matte Finish Wear Off?

The answer is YES…

The matte finish on rings can become polished over time, similar to how frequently touched statues become smooth.


The matte texture is created by etching or hammering the surface of the ring, which inevitably gets small scratches from daily wear. Over time, these scratches can make the matte finish look polished as it wears down.


Conversely, glossy rings develop a matte appearance over time due to scratches. Ultimately, any ring will show signs of wear.


Reliable "Aftercare"

Many jewellery shops offer polishing and texture reapplication services to address this issue.


ith offers complimentary aftercare to restore rings to their original matte or glossy finish as part of our maintenance service. You can confidently choose a matte ring, knowing it's supported by excellent aftercare.


The natural wear, whether it leads to a glossier finish or adds scratches to a shiny ring, marks the shared journey of a couple.


Many couples enjoy the process of their rings' textures changing over time, seeing them as "rings they have nurtured together."


Varieties of Matte Textures

Let's explore the variations of matte textures.


At ith, we offer customization services for your preferred ring designs by adding the texture of your choice. Learn about the different options and find the perfect texture that matches your vision!




It features a fine, powder-matte texture.

It’s the least shiny finish available at ith, created by blasting glass beads onto the ring's surface.




Roccia (ith Original)

It features a vintage-like texture that mimics years of wear, achieved by transferring patterns onto the ring's surface for a warm touch.


Wedding Ring: "Roccia"




It features a semi-matte texture enhanced with very fine, uniformed horizontal lines.

Its consistent pattern offers a neat finish without an overly crafted look.



Mese (ith Original)

TThe overlapping lines add depth to the ring, allowing it to catch light and subtly glow from within.

Artisans meticulously etch lattice lines with a tool for this effect.


Wedding Ring: ”Milgrain


Tsuchime (Autumn)

This finish brings warmth and craftiness with its fine, random pattern. 

The fine pattern on the ring is meticulously created by hammering each detail with tools, then finished with a file to achieve a matte texture.


Tsuchime Aki


Once You Know the Difference, You Can Find the Perfect "Matte" Feel

Did you know there are actually various types of matte finishes for rings? Some softly glow, others have a dull white sheen, and there are orderly patterns as well as random ones.


What’s your preference? A worn-in vibe or something more structured? The pattern can influence the mood of the ring, ranging from casual to formal.


Trying on many rings and comparing them is recommended for a regret-free choice. You might unexpectedly find what suits you, and understanding your likes and dislikes can enhance your satisfaction with your final choice.


Often, after trying on several options, you might suddenly feel, "This is it!" It's worth trying on a wide variety of rings.


ith welcomes those choosing a ring for the first time or those who just want to try on rings. We’re here to help you get closer to your favorite design by getting to know the rings.


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Stylishly Matte: Choosing Matte Finish for Engagement & Wedding Rings