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Subtle Customization for a Special Wedding Ring

Perfectly Tailored Rings for Wearers


ith is an atelier specializing in custom-made wedding bands.

To ensure the ring you wear forever is truly your favorite, we offer customization. At an accessible price and without the need for special taste, even first-timers can enjoyably select your rings.


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Smooth Customization for First-timers

Our atelier features a wide array of "collection rings" – completed designs of wedding and engagement rings. From simple to unique, trying on many rings naturally leads to discovering the shapes and designs that suit you best.


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By the end of the fitting session, new desires often emerge, such as wanting further customization to the already favored ring, expressing a wish for something more.


Adding one more personal twist to the chosen ring to make it even more of a favorite is the unique custom-made style of ith. 


I'll introduce rings that, with just a small customization, significantly bring out the wearer's personality.



Customization of the Surface Texture and Ring Width

Even the simplest design from ith can be made unique.


| Andante |

With minimal decoration, a single adjustment can dramatically change the mood.


▽ Comparison of Customer Customization Examples

Created variations by changing the glossiness and the width of the ring.




The Atmosphere Created by Shape and Color

The vintage-like "Roccia," reminiscent of rocky surfaces. 




| Roccia |

Even with the same texture, changing the color and shape can express individuality.



▽ Comparison of Customer Customization Examples

Both adjustments lend a hard atmosphere but with distinct nuances.



Subtle Blue Diamond on the Side

The "flat" form without rounded edges emphasizes both the front and sides distinctly.

| Luce |

A design added to the side offers sporadic visibility that's irresistibly stylish.

▽ Example of Customer Customization

The side of the ring is a part that is not always visible to others.

Choosing bold customizaiton for parts that aren't always visible is easier.



Adding a Soft Texture to a Classic Design

A sharply defined accent on the ring top features streamlined bands that appear prominently raised.




| Marcato |

While a full shiny finish is beautiful, it’s also a design that stands out with customization.

▽ Example of Customer Customization

Without changing the design, altering the texture or color can switch up the ambiance.



Expressing Individuality with Color Matching

A combination of platinum and gold colors visible in the two-tone design.


| Arpeggio |




| Nocturne |


The two-tone design on the exterior allows for a rich expression, and you can also incorporate a different colored metal inside the ring. This hidden detail adds quiet sentiment towards the partner.


Experimenting with color combinations can bring about changes in imagery.

▽ Example of Customer Customization

Expressing your uniqueness while incorporating each other’s favorites.




Subtraction and Addition in Customization


Customization isn't only about adding designs.



| Martello |

Simplifying can also tailor the ring to your preferences perfectly.

▽ Example of Customer Customization



Toning down the craftsmanship for a more formal look suitable for formal occasions.


If crafting the wedding rings with a subtle craft feel, they will also match well in formal settings.



Adjusting Engraved Patterns to Suit Each Individual's Mood

The "Anise," with its radial engraving resembling star anise, is rich in craftsmanship unique to Japanese engraving techniques.




| Anise |

▽ Example of Customer Customization


This customization incorporates the same pattern for a matching look, while also embracing the individual preferences of each person for a tailored atmosphere.



Customizing Wedding Rings: A Small Touch Makes a Big Difference

Even when starting with the same base design, a small tweak can greatly alter the finished ring's atmosphere.


ith's customization debunks the notion that custom-made requires special expertise or a high price. Here, anyone can easily choose a design and create a ring with lasting affection.


Don't hesitate to discuss your budget; we provide free consultations and estimates based on your customization needs.


If you're struggling to find the perfect ring, feel free to visit our atelier.


ith Izumida


Subtle Customization for a Special Wedding Ring