ith's Commitment: Custom-Made for Everyone




Custom-Made for All




There are various interpretations and approaches to custom-made in the world, but if I were to summarize what custom-made means to ith, it would be "custom-made for everyone." This stems from our desire for as many people as possible to have wedding rings that are truly unique to them, reflecting their personal style and story. However, those with some knowledge about craftsmanship might sense a contradiction in terms. This is because there seems to be an inherent contradiction between the concepts of "for everyone" and "custom-made."




Custom-Made for the Selected Few



The history of jewellery development cannot be separated from the wealth and power of royalty, nobility, and magnates of their times. Many merchants and artisans in the jewellery trade flourished by dedicating their talent and skills to crafting special jewellery for these powerful individuals.

Even today, many world-renowned jewelers have grown against such historical backdrops, creating their brand worlds based on superior design, rare gems, and exceptional craftsmanship. The more special the creation, the more labor, time, and consequently cost it involves, which is then reflected in the price.

For the powerful figures of the times, the more special and expensive a piece, the more it served to display their power.

Occasionally, news breaks of famous jewellers crafting jewellery worth hundreds of millions, but custom-made, unique pieces often range from several million to tens of millions, and sometimes even hundreds of millions, for this reason.

In modern times, we might use the term 'celebrity,' but for such individuals, custom-made serves as a means to assert their uniqueness.

To put it bluntly, the term "custom-made" carries an implication and nuance of creating something special, piece by piece, for a select few with wealth and social status.

The contradiction I mentioned earlier lies in the logical discrepancy that if custom-made is meant "for the selected few," then how can it also be "for everyone"?




ith's Challenge




Those involved in craftsmanship understand that regardless of social concepts, creating individual items requires significant time and cost.

As opposed to custom-made, there's mass production, which allows costs to be distributed by replicating the same item tens or hundreds of times, thus reducing the price per item. However, this approach cannot realize the concept of creating something special for each person.

Focusing solely on making each item special, as the history of custom-made suggests, would only cater to a select few.

We want to deliver something special to each individual but also keep it affordable for many.

Resolving this contradiction to achieve "custom-made for everyone" is the challenge ith is fully committed to tackling.

For instance, we could use mass production techniques for parts of the ring-making process that are common across all rings to reduce costs. Using IT systems can minimize the costs associated with specification transmission.

Every step, from welcoming customers and understanding their requests to finalizing orders, transmitting information, and actual production, needs to be interconnected for realization.

Through these efforts, we hope to bring the joy of custom-made for everyone to as many people as possible.

Although we cherish the phrase "value one over many," it's not about choosing between "many or one" but valuing both and striving for a third way that differs from conventional wisdom.



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ith's Commitment: Custom-Made for Everyone