ith’s Commitment: Creating, Connecting




The Origin of ith



The beginning of ith traces back to the atelier of Ayu Takahashi, a jewellery artisan and the founder.

The essence of ith lies in the direct interactions between customers and artisans to create rings that truly reflect what customers desire. The value generated through this direct creation process connects and resonates deeply. This philosophy of creating something meaningful and connecting through craftsmanship is what we continue to cherish.




Continuing to Connect Values




From such beginnings, ith has expanded to welcome customers in 8 ateliers, with ring production now handled not just in each atelier but dedicatedly by our own artisans and in collaboration with external workshops.

This is based on our desire for more people to experience the intimate process of creating custom wedding rings and our aim as a jewellery maker to craft at an even higher level and more consistently.

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Despite starting from humble origins, expanding to involve more people and companies in realizing these values is not as straightforward as it may sound. Capturing and conveying customers' wishes and expectations to the artisans, and likewise, ensuring customers understand the effort, skill, and passion artisans put into each ring requires immense creativity, effort, and persistence.

As we grow, it becomes challenging to maintain practices that were possible on a smaller scale, and we sometimes have to decline orders from the perspective of manufacturing responsibility.

While there are voices, both internal and external, suggesting that staying small would avoid such challenges and preserve our identity, if we believe in the enriching power of our original values and the joy they bring, then spreading these values to more people and exploring their potential is a meaningful endeavor worth the difficult challenges.




Creating, Connecting




Recently, as part of our training, we visited one of our collaborative workshops. Witnessing each step in the ring-making process and each artisan’s work reaffirmed my belief that these individual efforts imbue our customer's rings with value, and it's crucial that we communicate this more effectively to our customers.

Even if we're not directly involved in the crafting, we can still deliver value by connecting—communicating these efforts to the customers.

Creating rings has the power to evoke joy and touch people's hearts. Similarly, the act of connecting—of transmitting this value—plays a vital role in creating something meaningful.

The joy of creating value and the happiness that comes from connecting it.

ith aspires to be a brand that not only creates but connects.



ith Yoshida

Reference: The Cycle of Joy at ith


ith’s Commitment: Creating, Connecting