2019.10.24 Jewellery Column

Choosing an Engagement Ring with a Focus on Diamond Shape

"Round Brilliant” and "Fancy"


When it comes to diamonds, the round brilliant cut is the most well-known. However, diamonds are also polished into various shapes like square, teardrop, heart, and more.


Diamonds cut into shapes other than round brilliant are collectively referred to as "fancy cut diamonds."


For those who desire a unique engagement ring that stands out and exudes a stylish impression, fancy cut diamonds offer a distinct choice.


Let's explore the allure of engagement rings adorned with diamonds of various shapes for a unique touch.



"The Just-Right" Non-Traditional Engagement Ring


Fancy cuts include a variety of shapes such as the square princess cut, heart, pear shape (teardrop), emerald, and the rugby ball-like marquise cut.


Each has its unique sparkle, with some shining brightly due to numerous facets, while others present a more subdued impression.

For those seeking to express their style with diamonds or finding conventional designs unappealing, fancy cut diamonds are worth considering.


Stylish Square Design




The Piazza engagement ring features a square princess cut diamond at the center, surrounded by round melee diamonds set in square prongs within a square motif. The combination of platinum settings and yellow gold ring arms creates a fashionable two-tone design.


The inside of the stone setting is rounded for a comfortable fit.





Textured Like Silk Threads





The Arcobaleno ring, with its crafty vertical lines on the ring arm and a princess cut diamond, showcases a linear engagement ring design that exudes individuality.

Its sleek shape also looks beautiful when stacked with a wedding ring.




Romantic Heart Eternity





Centering a sparkling heart-shaped diamond, the Anello ring features a full eternity ring adorned with continuous heart shapes.


The melee diamonds shimmer, highlighting the central heart-shaped diamond.



A Unique Take on the Round Brilliant Cut

While fancy cuts are captivating, the round brilliant cut diamond remains a staple for engagement rings, available in a wide range of designs across brands.





Timeless Neutral Design



The Antico ring combines a matte ring arm with a glossy stone setting, offering a unique atmosphere that's both antique and modern.

The round stone setting encases a round brilliant cut diamond, allowing the wearer's personality to influence the ring's impression.




Botanical Texture Like Bark




The Albero ring's ring arm is adorned with a bark-like texture, presenting a fancy and warm design.

Centered with a berry-like pink sapphire, the gem can be customized to a diamond or another stone of choice.


Leaves Creating a V-Shaped Line with Sparkling Diamonds




The Fiore ring features leaf motifs that encircle the fingertip, leading to a center stone that blooms like a flower.

The milgrain and melee diamonds create a delicate and elegant effect, with the V-shaped silhouette elongating the finger for a feminine touch.




Choosing a Diamond Shape that Reflects Your Personality


I hope you now have a clearer image of how to choose an engagement ring with a unique touch.


Fancy cut diamonds, crafty workmanship, and delicate designs are highly individualistic and make a statement just by being worn. Creating these intricate designs requires skilled craftsmanship, where the high design quality is a testament to experienced artisans.


At ith, knowledgeable craftsmen carefully listen to your preferences and offer detailed advice, ensuring even first-timers can confidently choose their engagement ring. Visit any of our 10 studios for a personalized consultation.


Choosing an Engagement Ring with a Focus on Diamond Shape