2019.11.28 Jewellery Column

Staying True to Our Roots and Aspirations

Craftsmanship that unites craftsmen and customers

"Specially crafted wedding rings born from the atelier"

In a no-frills space called the atelier, where craftsmen and customers become one, both users and creators immerse themselves in the art of crafting. This is why there is no unnecessary ornamentation, no hesitation, and no sense of dissatisfaction. A truly meaningful and special ring is created for the couple.

This philosophy is the foundation of ith's craftsmanship.

Craftsmen, through the joy of customers, can feel the value of their work, and more broadly, the value of their own existence. I believe that this is the way of creating happiness and ideal things that can be realized because customers and craftsmen are close.

Column: "Circulation of Joy"




To remember the origin and ideal

That ideal and the value that emerges from it are the origins of ith, and as our ateliers increase and the daily volume of orders grows rapidly, we continue to strive for stable and high-quality craftsmanship. In the ateliers, craftsmen engage directly with customers, focusing on considering and supporting the creation of rings that are meaingful for the couple. In the production workshop, craftsmen dedicate themselves to ring-making based on these orders.

However, even if we adopt a division of labor for growth, it's essential not to lose sight of the most important origin and its ideals.

And to strive towards that ideal, we continue to put in the effort.

Recreating a system where production and sales are integrated in the birthplace is a way of not forgetting the essential values that make ith what it is.

To the stage of excitement

The workshop in Kichijoji plans to accept visitors for tours.
Ever wondered how jewellery is made? Who are the people crafting these pieces?

The thought of visiting the atelier and workshop is a bit exciting and heart-pounding. 

Please visit Kichijoji, where the essence of ith comes together as one.


ith Yoshida


Staying True to Our Roots and Aspirations