2019.11.29 Jewellery Column

As a Standard for Selecting Wedding Rings


Making Custom-Made a Common Choice

At ith, we create special wedding and engagement rings that tell your story.

Stories that were born at ith

Because your rings are irreplaceable, we want them to reflect your preferences and thoughts. Because the ring was made in such a way, it's something that the two of you should be able to cherish throughout your lives.

And we believe that the custom-made method exists as a means to realize this.

That is why we want more people to engage in custom-made ring making when choosing a once-in-a-lifetime wedding band.

Since the inception of ith 5 years ago, not only have we but also many other brands and workshops started to offer custom-made and handmade options. However, we are continually striving to make the choice of custom-made a more standard and typical option for selecting wedding rings, hoping to establish it as the norm for choosing wedding bands.

Unpretentious Atelier

At ith, which was born from the atelier of a female craftsman, we call the place where we welcome our customers "atelier" instead of calling it a store, but there is a close relationship between the atelier environment and the custom-made method.

In order to enjoy custom-made work, it is important that there is smooth communication between the creator and the customer, where opinions can be exchanged frankly, with a sense of mutual trust and respect.

The atelier is not a place that makes the customer nervous, but a simple, unpretentious space where the joy of craftsmanship can be felt.

The ith atelier is designed based on this idea, but just as each custom-made ring has its own personality, each atelier has its own interior and exterior design that reflects the atmosphere of the town or area it is located in. This is our own sense of playfulness, which is very important for the free creation of products.

Collection rings for Customers

ith's collection rings are created through the handwork of our representative female craftsman, Ayu Takahashi.

The expression and delicacy of the handmade work, and the pursuit of comfort for long-wearing, each ring is filled with the designer's dedication and love for the ring, but our collections are not presented as final products but rather as samples to help customers get closer to their ideal image.

Enjoyable for Everyone, Even Without Prior Knowledge or a Specific Idea

"Isn't custom-made only possible if you already have a design idea in mind?"

"I don't know anything about rings, so I think it might be too difficult for us..."

Many people who shy away from the idea of custom-made rings have such concerns, but at ith, we use our collection of rings to allow customers to try on each ring and feel the particularity and charm of each ring. At the same time, we also find out what looks good on you, what you like, the preferences of both men and women, your particular tastes in wedding rings, and your "uniqueness" that even you may not be aware of.

The ith collection rings are a magical tool that allows anyone to easily enjoy custom-made rings, regardless of prior knowledge or design sense.


To weave the Craftsman's Skills

ith's rings are produced in our own workshop in Kichijoji and with the cooperation of outside workshops and craftsmen with reliable skills.

Although the jewellery industry has been introducing technologies such as CAD, it is difficult to mechanize the finishing of jewellery, which is a fine craft, and the quality of the final product depends on the skill of the craftsman.

The creation of custom-made rings, which require a variety of techniques and differ from one another in specifications, is not an easy task for even the most skilled craftsmen. Only a craftsman who has acquired solid skills through daily study can create a ring that is unique to the couple and can be worn throughout the rest of one's life.

As major jewellery manufacturers move their production bases to overseas such as Thailand and Vietnam, the number of craftsmen who can produce excellent custom-made jewellery is gradually decreasing in Japan. We believe that creating opportunities for customers and people around the world to understand the value of craftsmen's work and to see their skills in action will help protect the excellent skills of craftsmen and ensure that they will be passed on to the future.

This is one of the reasons why we are trying to make custom-made jewellery the standard for selecting wedding rings.


We convey the value and appeal of custom-made jewellery to the world.

To make custom-made jewellery more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

To protect the excellent technique and weave a culture through custom-made.


This is our dream beyond the creation of each and every ring.


Yoshida, ith


As a Standard for Selecting Wedding Rings