2020.05.28 Yokohama

Pink Gold and Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Full of Particular Attention

The journey began with a visit from the gentleman alone, in search of the perfect proposal ring.


“She loves handmade things, so I wanted her to have the freedom to choose the design she likes,” he said, contemplating the best way to delight his partner.


On their second visit, they came together, sharing, “The proposal, despite the bad weather, has become a cherished memory.”









The design that caught their eye was the “Blue star”.

The blue star, a flower used in weddings.


They appreciated the modest yet dazzling trio of stones and the flowing form of the ring that seemed to gently cradle the stones.


In the design of the engagement ring, "using aquamarine" was important to both of them.











Aquamarine, the lady’s birthstone for March, was a gemstone discussed even during the gentleman’s solo visit, making it especially significant for both.


Aquamarine, known as a stone that protects happiness and said to be born from the sea, brings back the memories of their beachside proposal whenever the ring is worn.








The skin-friendly and feminine pink gold material, which can appear thinner than it actually is, was crafted with added volume due to careful consideration.


The lady, who has a passion for handmade creations, meticulously planned the design down to the finest detail.










Upon seeing the finished ring for the first time, she gasped, covering her mouth with her hand, and whispered, “It’s beautiful…”



For a moment, time seemed to stand still as they gazed intently at the ring. The gentleman took commemorative photos with his own camera.



As they look back on these photos in the future, I hope they remember the joy of this moment and continue to live a life filled with happiness.



Concierge: Maeda


Female: Engagement Ring “Blue star” / K18PG (Pink Gold)

Yokohama Atelier


Pink Gold and Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Full of Particular Attention