2024.06.08 Yokohama

A Wedding Ring Encounter Sparked by a Musical Term

The reason the couple visited ith was triggered by the "name" of a ring.


Our collection draws inspiration from music and nature, giving each piece its own unique name.


The lady, having been a part of a wind ensemble during her school days, was drawn to a ring named after a musical term.



They chose the ring called "Allegro," a design that allows them to enjoy two different textures, an original from ith.


"Allegro" means "cheerfully" in Italian and "quickly" in musical terminology, reflecting a design that can switch swiftly from simple to casual, embodying a playful spirit.



The design highlight was incorporating the texture of "Piuma" on one side.


"Piuma" features delicate V-shaped engravings that resemble bird feathers.


His ring features a central star engraving, from which feather-like patterns extend outward.

For her, the patterns are aligned in a consistent, straight direction.


Although both used the same "Piuma" texture, we focused on the differences in how the engraving patterns were applied.

We focused on these differences to create a matching set that still allows for individual expression.



A single bird's feather cannot fly by itself.


We hope that with light steps towards a bright future, the two of them can soar together.

Such are the sentiments we infused into crafting this piece.


It would be our pleasure if they both cherish these rings with the same sentiment.


Concierge: Matsukawa



Yokohama Atelier


A Wedding Ring Encounter Sparked by a Musical Term