2024.06.29 Yokohama

Playful, Nature-Themed Wedding Bands Crafted with "Rotary Tool Carving"

This time, we're featuring three wedding rings that embody nature's motifs through "rotary tool carving," a technique that brings a playful spirit to each piece.


About Rotary Tool

A "rotary tool" is an electric tool with a rapidly spinning tip.


By attaching a cutting tool to this tip, we can carve patterns into the surface of the ring.


The engravings leave a matte finish, giving the ring a soft appearance.



"Pioggia" means "rain" in Italian.


To capture the essence of "rain," we meticulously calculate the thickness, depth, and density of the lines as we carefully hand-engrave them.


Rain on a departure is said to be a blessing from the gods, and in France, it is believed that "the gods are shedding the tears you would have shed throughout your life on your behalf."


Rain-related superstitions and blessings are common across the globe, why don't you explore these beliefs? 




"Foresta," meaning "forest" in Italian, captures the essence of tree bark through irregularly engraved horizontal lines, giving it the appearance of a tree's skin.


Incorporating your marriage aspirations and current happiness into the "Foresta" ring, which features a tree motif, is a beautiful gesture.


Trees also have their own "language of trees" and "birthday trees," so consider finding a tree that resonates personally with you.



Piuma, translating to "feather" in Italian, features delicate V-shaped engravings that resemble soft feathers, with strategically placed carvings that liken stars.


From the image of angels and birds soaring high, feathers symbolize "leaping" and "rising fortunes."


Feathers also serve as protective charms.

May this ring gently safeguard the couple.


A wedding ring is a once-in-a-lifetime, precious item.


At ith, we pride ourselves on helping you encapsulate your unique story within your wedding band.


We invite you to visit an atelier and look forward to welcoming you.


Concierge: Yamada


Yokohama Atelier


Playful, Nature-Themed Wedding Bands Crafted with "Rotary Tool Carving"