2024.06.30 Kashiwa

Wedding Bands in Starlit Skies - A Sunflower Connecting the Couple

Before visiting our atelier, the couple had already been expanding their vision for the perfect rings through ith's blog and social media.


A special feature that stood out to them was the ability to engrave illustrations inside the rings.


"I'd love it if when we stack the rings together, a picture of two people running beside a large sunflower emerges."


The way they shared their engraving idea was truly memorable.

Future Together: A Shared Vision


Drawing from their shared summer birthdays and the fact that they met through track and field, the engraving's design holds significant personal meaning.


Even decades from now, they'll be able to recall the time when they met and the moments they spent choosing the ring—a memory engraved just for the two of them.


Sunflowers grow towards the sun.


May the future you both strive towards be as bright and sunny as the days the sun illuminates.

Stars of a Summer Night Sky at Your Fingertips


The chosen design, "Clasico," features random engraving patterns and unique gem settings, showcasing the handcrafted quality ith is known for.



The diamonds set on the surface reminded her of the Milky Way, a beautiful complement to the theme.


He wanted stars on his ring too but preferred something more subdued.

So, we delicately scattered stars across his band, achieving a balance that felt right.


For the two of them, born in the summer, it truly feels like destiny that they've found this unique and singular pair.




Half a year has passed since the delivery of their rings.

As the sunflowers bloom and the Milky Way becomes visible once again.


What does this season hold for you two?

I look forward to meeting you again.


Concierge: Kinugasa

Kashiwa Atelier


Wedding Bands in Starlit Skies - A Sunflower Connecting the Couple