2024.01.22 Shinjuku

Wedding Rings that Combine a Sense of Unity with Individual Preferences

Drawn to the ambiance of our website, a couple made their way to the atelier, expressing a desire for "unique shapes to create a special feeling."


It was ith they chose for their first ring search.


Each of them shared their preferences and discussed how to coordinate their rings together, gradually clarifying any uncertainties as they tried on various options.

Customizing Rings for Deeper Attachment: Personal Preferences in Design

They both settled on the "Con moto" design, which they had favored even before visiting us, for its blend of delicacy and uniqueness.



The man, focused on highlighting the center, chose a design in platinum and pink gold that balanced simplicity with a touch of individuality.




For the woman, at the man's suggestion, diamonds were set on both sides, resulting in a ring that perfectly matched her preference for a design that's both delicate and dazzling.

The Shape of Love Encapsulated in Rings

Upon seeing the completed rings, both of them were deeply moved, filling me with joy as well.






Congratulations once again on your marriage!

May your life together always be as full of love as the hearts hidden in your rings, unique and overflowing with affection.




I look forward to the day we meet again for a pre-wedding cleaning, seeing how the rings have become a part of your life.


Wishing you happiness for many years to come!


Concierge: Sakai

Shinjuku Atelier


Wedding Rings that Combine a Sense of Unity with Individual Preferences