2024.02.16 Shinjuku

A Special Engagement Ring with Carefully Chosen Gemstones

A slightly nervous gentleman visited our atelier alone.

While learning about his partner, we selected an engagement ring for the proposal, incorporating her birthstone into the design.

A Design Utilizing the Birthstone of October

The man sought a design that combined uniqueness with the special essence of an engagement ring.


He found his preference in “Moon,” notable for its asymmetrical shape.



On its side, small gemstones of pink tourmaline were set to match his partner born in October.


The sleek design encapsulates his feelings, making it a truly unique and special ring.


A Diamond with a Special Cut

Another reason for choosing “Moon” was its design that highlights the central diamond.


For this once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring, he wanted to focus on both the design and the diamond, aiming to present something exceptional.


Hearing his passionate desire, we introduced a 5EX (Excellent) diamond, which can be enjoyed from any angle for its beautiful brilliance.



This diamond is meticulously cut, focusing on aspects not visible to the naked eye, like the polish and symmetry of brilliance.


Attracted to the rare value of a diamond that only a limited number of artisans worldwide can cut, he decided on this particular stone for the ring.


A Successful Proposal

A few days after delivering the ring to the gentleman, the lady visited our atelier for ring size adjustment and to add an engraving.


Her happiness while saying, “He gave me a very cute, beautiful ring,” filled me with joy as well.



They plan to showcase the engagement ring to their family back in Kansai during their next visit home.


Packed with the gentleman’s sentiments, their engagement symbolizes a special moment.

Just like the moon gently watching over from the sky, may it bring happiness and joy to their family as well.


Nakazawa, Concierge

Shinjuku Atelier


A Special Engagement Ring with Carefully Chosen Gemstones