2023.05.16 Singapore

Uniquely designed by the two

The couple was looking for rings that have a sense of handicraft. 

They love to explore different kinds of shapes and textures they can have for their rings.



A ring that shines differently

When they first saw ”Crocante”, they liked the multi-facet design on the ring.

It shows a lot of craftsmanship being put into creating these facets.


As she tried it on, she was surprised by the way Crocante shines at a different angle. 

He agreed with her and thought it was very special. 



Color of their choice

The couple loved the color of Champagne gold.

A subtle yellow mixed with a little pink gives the color of champagne.

It is uncommonly seen elsewhere thus it was interesting to them. 




Blending of two kinds


When we were deciding on the texture,

she loved the mirror finish for its brilliance while he preferred the sandblast effect for its matte look.

Instead of going for one texture, they had the idea of ​​combining the two.

The smooth transition from mirror to sandblast,

symbolises both of their interest coming together as one. 


The couple were very excited about their customization as it has never been done before.


It was a very enjoyable session getting to know them and being part of their wedding bands selection.

I am glad that they found the one and only wedding rings which they love.

Lastly, I wish them all the best in the future and happy marriage.




Singapore Atelier: Alicia



Uniquely designed by the two