2023.05.09 Singapore

Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You

when I'm with him,
Spring blooms from my heart,
nature comes alive around us
and time seems to slow down.

when I'm with her,
Winter whispers to me with its cool breath:
to hold her tightly
in my warm embrace.


Walking in Nature

We wanted to create a pair of rings that remind them of their memories together.
After trying on many rings, she was particularly drawn to ”Legna" .

"The bark-like carvings remind me of our hikes together"

The simple ring with its subtle nature-like impression
makes it possible to be worn and loved every day.

Memory of winter in Japan

For him, he was drawn to the intricate leaf carvings on the side of ”Alloro” .


The ring has a strong sense of craftsmanship;
the leaf patterns are intricately applied one by one by a specialized Japanese artisan.


However, he wanted to add an element to the ring
to remind him of their precious memories together.

He shared with me that he is attached to Winter,
which I later learned was because of his fondest memory of her
was strolling around Kawaguchiko together with Mt Fuji in the background during one Winter.

We added Neve texture, the Italian word for "snow", onto Alloro.
The random streaks reminiscent of ice-skating marks
reminded him of the cool memory he had of them together in Winter.

Memories, Embodied

After listening to their stories and treasured memories,
we created a pair of rings that were uniquely theirs.

More than just a ring that says "We are married", 
This pair of rings reminds them:
"I chose them, and this is why"


It was a pleasure to be able to help them create this precious pair of rings, I wish them both a blissful marriage full of happiness!

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Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You