2023.09.23 Umeda

Wedding Rings Connected by Music, Unique to the Couple

Many of ith's ring names utilize musical terms.


I remember how they both smiled as they held rings inspired by music, a moment that still stands out vividly.


The Moment the Couple and the Rings Connected






When the couple, both saxophone and trombone players, reacted to the musical terms used in the ring names, they shared their excitement.


As they tried on the rings, they meticulously connected the meanings and designs, exploring how each element related to their musical lives.





"Marcato" in music terms means to play a note in a marked, emphatic manner, has a design featuring a line in the center, intended to be a unique mark for the couple.

Unchanging Preferences and New Discoveries Upon Wearing


The rings are designed with a curve that follows the finger, offering a comfortable fit and making the hand look elegant.


The couple was delighted with the comfort of wearing them.



Imagining Holding Musical Instruments

It was memorable discussing and imagining their hands playing instruments while talking about the rings.


The man's ring features ith's original "Mese finish," attracting him with its delicate craftsmanship and a texture that shines with a whitish.


The woman's ring was adorned with intricate milgrain and an aquamarine, creating a design filled with aspiration.






At the long-awaited moment of meeting with their rings, they excitedly opened the box together, their voices united in anticipation.


The heartfelt words received after delivery were profoundly appreciated.





May the couple's smiles continue into the future.

Concierge: Katsuoka

Umeda Atelier


Wedding Rings Connected by Music, Unique to the Couple