2023.10.20 Umeda

Wedding Rings Shaped by the Kindness of the Couple

Within the concept of "simplicity," there are many expressions, and "accents" can vary according to individual preferences.


We proceeded with the fitting with the aim to find a ring that was "simple yet with an accent," guiding them towards discovering a style that embodied their unique interpretation of simplicity and distinct accents.


It was touching to see the couple closely examining each other's hands, thoughtfully discussing their preferences throughout the process.


Symbol of Happiness: Feather Motif


"Piuma" ring, inspired by the motif of a feather to act as a talisman for the couple, showcases the artisan's delicate craftsmanship in its design.





During the fitting, when I presented them with the "Piuma" ring, they had a wonderful reaction, exclaiming, "This is it!"


The feather motif, symbolizing the carrying of happiness, is intended to stand by the couple as a talisman for the husband and wife.

Unique Preferences within a Matching Design





The man sought an "uncommon design that isn’t too flashy," which led to the choice of platinum to encapsulate his preferences.





The woman, excitedly sharing, "I did my nails today to match the rings!" enjoyed the try-on session, considering her fashion style alongside.


She appreciated the "Piuma" for its wedding-appropriate sparkle that seamlessly blends into everyday life.


Valuing Colors that Suit Each Other Well




For the woman, customizing her ring in pink gold added an extra layer of compatibility, perfectly complementing her gentle aura.





After extensive try-ons, the couple succeeded in crafting matching rings that fulfilled their individual preferences.


It is my hope that these thoughtfully personalized wedding rings lead the couple to endless happiness.


Concierge: Katsuoka

Umeda Atelier


Wedding Rings Shaped by the Kindness of the Couple