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Your wedding ring is too loose and afraid to lose it? Here are the possible solutions

Your precious wedding ring was made in the perfect size. You wear it every day, but have you noticed that it has become loose recently? The human body is sensitive to daily changes, and even wedding rings that are supposed to be made in the perfect size for your finger may become loose or fall off easily due to seasonal or physical changes. Since many people are fixed to wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand, they cannot just change it to another finger even if it becomes loose, and it would be a problem if it were to fall off easily.

Wearing it in a condition where it can easily fall out can cause it to be lost, but you want to wear your precious wedding ring at all times. For wedding rings that easily slip out, request a resizing or adjust the size with a commercially available adjuster so that you can wear it with peace of mind.

Here are some tips on how to wear a wedding band that has become loose without worrying about it falling out.

Know why your wedding ring feels loose

There are many reasons why a wedding ring may become loose.
If your fingers have become thinner due to weight loss, the reason is obvious, but if the cause is something else, it may just feel temporarily loose.
If it is a temporary cause, don't resize it and you can try other solutions such as:
- Make it into a necklace.
- Adjust the size with an adjuster.
- Store the jewelry in a jewelry box until your finger returns to its usual size.

First, here are some of the causes of loose wedding rings.

Fingers get thinner during cold winter

In winter, blood vessels constrict due to the temperature and we do not take in as much water as we do in summer, so fingers tend to be thinner. The lack of perspiration and dryness also causes the rings to move more easily, which can also cause them to feel looser.
If a wedding ring that was sized in the summer has become looser as the weather gets colder, the seasonal change may be the cause.

Finger size varies with time of day. Tends to be thinner during the daytime

Your fingers are tends to be swollen right after waking up in the morning, and become thinner in the afternoon and evening. And some people swell again at night due to fatigue or alcohol consumption.
This is not true for all people, as there are individual differences, but the time of day may be the cause of loose rings.
If you are particularly prone to swelling, observe whether your ring is loose only during the daytime.
In addition, women are also affected by their menstrual cycle.
During the daytime after menstruation, when you feel and look refreshed, you may be more active, which not only reduces swelling, but may actually reduce body fat and make your fingers thinner.

Pregnancy and childbirth weight changes also affect fingers

If you have plans to become pregnant and have a baby in the future, you should wait a little longer to resize your wedding ring, even if it is a little loose.
Also, if a woman has her wedding ring sized during pregnancy, it may feel loose after delivery.
During pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, the fingers become thicker due to swelling and weight gain. Some are instructed by their obstetrician to remove their wedding rings.
The ring may have to be cut off in case of an emergency and surgery is needed.
Once the baby is born, fingers will return to its original size slowly but naturally, so it is recommended to keep it off during pregnancy.
In case your finger size changes due to postpartum weight gain, keep your wedding ring loose, and if it does not fit when you are back in shape, consider resizing it.

Sudden weight loss or swollen fingers

Fingers also have fat on them, so if body fat is reduced by dieting, the fingers will be thinner.
Also, some people's size may change due to swelling. If you choose a looser size ring when the swelling is severe, it may feel much looser when it is not swollen.
If the ring becomes loose after massaging, then swelling is the likely cause.

Should you resize your wedding ring if it feels loose?

If the ring is so loose that it falls off, it should be resized immediately. If it is only a little loose, wait for a while and see if there are any changes. However, if the ring is loose and worn all the time, it may cause deformation.
Even if it is deformed, it may not be so much of a problem to put on and take off, but if you are concerned about it, please consider resizing it.


A rough guide to looseness

If the ring turns when it is at the base but stops at the joint, it is unlikely to fall off and be lost.
It may just be you finger is less swollen than usual, and if there is a change in your physical condition, it may return to its usual fit.


"Loose" is not the same as "easy to pull off"

How loose is a ring when it needs to be resized? If it is just a little loose, it is okay to wait and see. As mentioned above, there are many causes of loose rings, so if you rush to resize it, it may become tight later.
If there is no change in comfort after wearing the ring for a while, it is likely that the ring has become loose due to weight loss.
If you have temporarily lost weight due to illness or other reasons, you can keep the ring for a while without wearing it, but if you are concerned about its loose fit due to weight loss, consider resizing it.
Rings that have become so easy to slip off that they naturally fall off need immediate attention.


If it falls out in daily life, consider resizing it

If it falls off in the normal course of your life, such as when you wash your hands, you should re-size it.It would be a disaster if you drop it and lose it without knowing it.
If it falls off frequently, do not wear it, and put it on a chain as a necklace or keep it until you have it resized. It may seem like a hassle to take it all the way to the store, but it is better than losing it.
When you have your ring resized, you can also have it polished, so it will come back shiny, just like new.


How to Resizing is done

The most common way to resize a ring is to cut and adjust.
If the ring is to be sized up, metal is added, and if it is to be sized down, the excess is cut off. The cut area is then welded with a soldering material. The solder material is mainly composed of the same metals as the ring, such as gold and platinum, but is made to melt at a slightly lower temperature, so when the ring is heated, the solder material with a lower melting point melts first and fills in the gaps. The gaps are so small that the cut edges are no more than a hair's breadth apart, so a small amount of solder material flows into the gaps by capillary action. Since the metal is melted and connected, it does not come off like glue, and if the soldering is done properly, the joints are hardly noticeable.
Once the brazing is finished, the ring is polished and finished. This repair method is used to resize most rings.

Platinum, gold, and silver, which have long been used as materials for jewelry, can be resized using the above method. However, materials such as titanium, which has been used as a material for jewelry in recent years, are not suitable for conventional repair methods, and workshops that can repair them are limited.
In addition, since the ring is cut once, the place where the ring was repaired may be visible if it has a decoration or stone set all the way around.

What to do if you feel your wedding ring is loose

A commercially available ring adjuster can be used to reduce the size.
Ring adjusters are clear plastic pieces that are attached to the ring to adjust its size. Most are coiled, and several types are available to adjust to the desired size.
The adjuster can be replaced when it gets dirty, and the adjuster itself is inexpensive, making it an easy way to adjust the size.

Which is better? Loose or tight

Whether a wedding ring should be loose or tight depends on the wearer's lifestyle.
However, a ring that is too loose may cause distortion and should be adjusted in size. Even if the ring is already deformed, it can be resized to its original shape.

People who should choose a loose fit: (1) People who frequently remove their rings at work

A ring that is not a problem to wear at the base of the finger, but is painful to pull off, is difficult for those who have to remove it frequently for work.
If it is a hassle to put on and take off, there is a possibility that the wearer will stop wearing the wedding ring, so it is better to have a ring that can be removed easily and comfortably.

People who should choose a loose fit: (2) People with a tendency to gain weight or people who tend to be swollen

If a person who is easily overweight chooses a size that is just barely big enough to fit his or her fingers, it may not fit as he or she gets older and the size changes.
People who are prone to swelling should also be careful. If you choose a tight size when your fingers are clear, it may be too tight when they are swollen.
If you are worried about a loose fit but tend to swell, we recommend a ring with flat court profile. The inner rounded section of the ring has the inner edge of the ring rounded to provide a smooth finger path, making it easy to put on and take off, even if it is a little tight.

People who should choose a tight fit: (1) People with tapered fingers or with thick joints

For those whose fingers are tapered toward the tips, a tighter ring is recommended to prevent the ring from falling off.
For those whose fingers are thick only at the joints and the ring is tight only when it passes through the joints, a ring that is a little tighter is recommended.


People who should choose a tight fit: (2) People who don't take their rings off often.

For those who wear rings all the time, a slightly tighter ring is not so much of a problem.
However, if it gets stuck, the ring will have to be cut off and removed, so check to see if it can be pulled out from time to time.

To summarize

If you feel that your wedding ring is falling off or falling off easily, do not wear it as it is and take measures such as resizing it. The most likely place to lose a wedding band is while shampooing or washing one's hands, so be on your guard.

While resizing is the best way to be sure, you can temporarily wear it on a finger that is not too loose, such as the middle finger or ring finger of the right hand. It also looks good as a necklace.
Anyway, the most important thing is not to lose it.

If you do not want to change the finger on which you wear it, consider resizing it while trying the adjuster.
If the thinning of your finger is temporary, the ring may feel loose or just right depending on the day. If you are worried, try using an adjuster.


Use this as a guide to keep your wedding ring forever!


Your wedding ring is too loose and afraid to lose it? Here are the possible solutions