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Starting with a preliminary visit: stress-free method to choose your lifetime wedding ring

When it comes to searching for an engagement or wedding ring, the pressure of selecting a lifelong piece can be overwhelming.


Because it's something you'll wear for a lifetime, you don't want to compromise, yet you're also concerned about your partner's preferences. Beyond that, we often hear in the atelier about the anxiety of not having the experience of choosing a ring before and not knowing how to choose one.


However, with questions answered, this significant choice becomes a once-in-a-lifetime, exciting experience. Here are some ideas for enjoying the ring selection process without stress.

Secret Preliminary Visits for Ring Preparations

It’s quite common for couples to select something they'll both wear together for the first time, like a wedding ring.


If you’re feeling anxious about this, let’s delve a little deeper into these concerns.

Common Worries and Solutions for Women

Many women express concerns about their partner not being as interested in rings or having limited time due to work commitments.


Couples often experience a disparity in the amount of time they want to spend choosing rings, especially if the partner is not fond of prolonged shopping.


For those worried, a solo preliminary visit allows you to try on rings without restraint.




At ith's atelier, you can try on over 100 different designs of wedding and engagement rings. By trying on rings on your fingers, you can identify what suits you and what doesn't, making the subsequent selection process much smoother.




ith records your favorite designs and allows you to take them home for consideration. Knowing your preferences in advance can make the joint ring selection with your partner much more seamless.


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Common Worries and Solutions for Men

Men often voice concerns about their lack of experience in choosing jewellery, along with worries about budget and payment.


Choosing an important item for life is a natural cause for wanting to please your partner and have a satisfying ring selection experience.



At ith's atelier, knowledgeable concierges provide consultations and free estimates. They also support your ring selection process as dedicated advisors, ensuring a smooth follow-up discussion on your return visit.


We also accommodate requests for keeping a solo preliminary visit secret from your partner. Feel free to consult us for surprise engagement ring selections.


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Preparing for Proposals

Consultations for Ring Selections on Weekdays at the Atelier


At ith's atelier, we bring a variety of ring designs to the table for you to try on and discuss with our concierges, helping you find your preferred ring design.


You can freely touch the rings displayed in front of you without the need to take them out from the showcase, making it comfortable for even the most reserved customers to try on numerous designs.


Weekdays, especially during the day, are perfect for a relaxed preliminary visit.



Kichijoji Atelier offers a special weekday experience. On the second floor, you can observe artisans crafting rings in the workshop.


If you're interested in the crafting process or wish to see how rings are made, consider visiting the Kichijoji atelier on a weekday.


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Taking Time to Ponder and Decide on the Design

At ith, we value ensuring that the wedding and engagement rings you choose are truly what you desire. If you find your preferred ring during your visit, we provide a free estimate and allow you to take it home to ponder over the design.


You can order the exact ring as per the estimate over the phone or through our convenient online 'My Page' service. 'My Page' allows you to check estimates, confirm orders, make reservations, and communicate with concierges easily.


Of course, when you revisit the atelier for further discussion, our concierges will have all the information about your favorite rings and estimates. If you prefer to keep the preliminary visit a secret from your partner, we will handle the follow-up discussions with that in mind.


Customize Your Ring Selection Experience

With as many ways to choose a ring as there are couples, ith accommodates a variety of partnerships.



Whether you're nervous about your first ring selection, in a long-distance relationship, or have different tastes from your partner, we offer tailored suggestions for each unique situation. Please feel free to consult us.


In addition to our 10 ateliers across Japan and our Singapore atelier, you can also utilize our online consultation services. Choose the option that best suits your style.


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Starting with a preliminary visit: stress-free method to choose your lifetime wedding ring