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ith's Dedication to Crafting: Making Custom-Made Rings the Standard Choice





Making custom-made the obvious choice




At ith, we craft special wedding and engagement rings that embody the stories of couples.

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Because your rings are irreplaceable, we believe they should reflect your preferences and thoughts. Rings crafted in this way become treasures you'll cherish throughout your life.

We see custom-made as a means to achieve this, and we're committed to encouraging more people to embrace custom ring creation for their once-in-a-lifetime selection.

Over the five years since ith's inception, not only us but many brands and workshops have begun offering custom-made and handmade options. We're striving to make custom-made an obvious choice, a standard for selecting wedding rings.




Unadorned Atelier




Born from a female artisan's atelier, ith refers to our customer reception area not as a store but as an "atelier," underscoring the close relationship between the custom-made process and the atelier environment.

For customers to enjoy custom-making, there must be open and smooth communication, grounded in mutual trust and respect, between the creators and customers.

Hence, our ateliers are designed not to be ostentatious but modest and unembellished, yet capable of conveying the joy of craftsmanship.

While each ith atelier is designed based on this philosophy, they also reflect the unique character and atmosphere of their respective towns or locations, adding variety to both the interiors and exteriors. This represents our playful spirit crucial for free creativity.





Collection Rings for Our Customers





ith's collection rings are created through the handiwork of our female artisan and founder, Ayu Takahashi.

Each ring embodies the designer's dedication and love for ring-making, characterized by its unique expression and comfort for long-term wear. However, the collection serves not as an end but as samples to help customers fine-tune their ideal image.




Enjoyable for Everyone, Regardless of Prior Knowledge or Design Sensibility




"Some might think, 'Can we really do custom-made without a design image in mind?' or 'Isn't the threshold too high for us who know nothing about rings?'" Many hesitate at the thought of custom-made, but at ith, using our collection rings, we encourage customers to try on various designs, experiencing each ring's unique appeal and craftsmanship. This helps in discovering what suits you, what you like, and drawing out your individual "characteristics" even you might not be aware of. ith's collection rings act as a magical tool allowing anyone to enjoy custom-making, regardless of prior knowledge or design sensibility.





Continuing the Craftsmanship




ith rings are produced in our Kichijoji workshop and with the cooperation of external workshops and artisans who share our trust and technical excellence. Despite the growing integration of technology like CAD in the jewellery industry, the intricate craftsmanship involved in jewellery making, especially in finishing, ultimately depends on the artisan's skill.

Custom-made ring creation, demanding various techniques and specifications, is never an easy task for even the most skilled artisans. Only through their continued refinement and expertise can unique rings be created for lifelong wear. As major manufacturers move production overseas, the number of artisans capable of handling exquisite custom work in Japan is dwindling.  However, we believe in creating opportunities for customers and society to appreciate the value of artisans' work, thereby preserving their exceptional skills for the future. This endeavor to make custom-made jewellery a standard choice in ring selection includes such aspirations.


Spreading the value and appeal of custom-made to the world, making custom-made accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and preserving superior craftsmanship and culture through custom-made efforts.


This is the dream we envision beyond every ring crafted.


ith Yoshida


ith's Dedication to Crafting: Making Custom-Made Rings the Standard Choice