Five Engagement Ring Designs That Accentuate the Sparkle of a Diamond

From the many, you'll discover that fateful single stone



Greetings! I'm Hirashima, a concierge at ith.


The first-time selection of an engagement ring is a momentous occasion in life.


Choosing a diamond is a unique experience in this journey.


The myriad of grades you encounter for the first time, the price variations depending on the stone, selecting a diamond can be quite a thoughtful process.


Then you settle on that one fateful stone.


It's only natural to desire an engagement ring that maximizes the brilliance of this diamond. Many might wish for a design that truly enhances its sparkle.



Today, I present five designs that feature a single diamond as the star.



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《Solitaire》There's a rationale behind this timeless design





Recognizable at a glance as the archetypal engagement ring.


The slender ring arm evokes a graceful femininity.


Simple, yet sophisticated.


The slim arm reduces the metal's prominence, letting the center diamond shine forth. Wearing it, its unique radiance is unmistakably captivating.






This classic design significantly brings out the diamond's presence.


"I want a ring I can wear eternally without it ever growing tiresome."


The classic design effortlessly matches any event or attire.




《Antico》Harmonizing diamond sparkle with your hand




The design with a matte finish on yellow gold exudes an antique warmth, true to its name.


Matte yellow gold blends closely with skin tones, softening the diamond's sparkle.



Antico's allure lies in its rounded, charming form.


The metal lovingly encircles the diamond.


The rounded setting contributes to the ring's cohesive feel.


Importantly, the metal surrounding the diamond can make it appear larger.



《Combi》For a uniquely different design!


The charm of combining platinum and yellow gold.


The yellow gold arm melds well with the skin, while the platinum setting highlights the diamond's clear shimmer.


The arm features a stardust texture.


Stardust, created by impressing the diamond's culet into the metal for texture, shines subtly like gathered fragments of stars.




The interplay of diamond sparkle and metal is delightful to wear.


The stardust's bright texture gradually matures into a subtle matte finish.


The texture's evolution is a unique aspect of the Combi design.



《Soleil》Refreshing with a flat band and an S-curve


The flat-made arm, or "flat beaten," presents a clean, fresh appearance with its straight lines.


Adding an S-curve brings an element of refined elegance.




The mix of flatness and curves makes the metal's luster, changing with light angles, an attractive feature.


It pairs excellently with simple outfits, suiting poised, mature women.


The S-curve also allows harmonious layering with wedding bands.



《Gloriosa》Enveloped by the imagery of a lily flower



The greatest charm lies in the floral-inspired setting, reminiscent of a lily in full bloom.


The prongs, designed after the flower's curved petals, add a flowing gracefulness. This curvature gives the ring a three-dimensional effect.


Often, the ring's side view is more noticeable than the front when worn.





A ring with detailed sides brings a moment of exhilaration when it catches your eye.


An engagement ring, being a special item, warrants savoring the excitement it brings.



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Each diamond encounter is a singular event.


Chosen from many, we desire for you to relish its brilliance in a design you truly adore.


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"What should guide my choice of an engagement ring?"


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Hirashima, Concierge


Five Engagement Ring Designs That Accentuate the Sparkle of a Diamond